Bar Exam Q & A

mbe score mean, take the MPT seriouslyCommon Questions and Answers about Bar Exam Tutoring:

Where do you offer bar exam tutoring services?

Do you teach any seminars or courses? 

I hear you have your own outlines that are specifically-tailored to the Michigan bar exam, the Uniform Bar Exam, and the Multistate Essay Exam. Do you sell your outlines?

I did not pass the bar exam. What do you recommend I do?

I’ve taken the bar exam before and failed. Do you tutor “repeat takers?”

I am on my second time taking the bar exam. Am I statistically less likely to pass? The statistics I have heard scare me! 

If I sign up for tutoring, how many times do you recommend that I meet with you?

Do you have any bar exam advice or bar exam tips? 

Do you guarantee that I will pass the bar exam?

How many students do you tutor each administration? 

Do you write bar exam appeals? 

How can I contact you? 

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