MBE Diagnostic

MBE DiagnosticMBE Diagnostic  

Many prospective students contact us wondering how to improve their Multistate Bar Exam (“MBE”) score.  For those students, the MBE is the reason why they cannot overcome the bar exam.  Their struggle with the questions stems from their inability to determine what skills they’re lacking to tackle the MBE.  Is it memorization? Comprehension? Application? Timing? Practice? Some combination?

JD Advising has designed an MBE diagnostic test that will provide you with the ability to determine what you need to do differently to pass the MBE.   JD Advising’s MBE Diagnostic Test is a test geared to uncover your strengths and your weaknesses.  The test focuses on three primary skills: comprehension, memorization and application.  Once you take the test, we will provide you with a comprehensive analysis in-person (or over the phone). During that analysis, we will tell you which of the three skills you need to work on.  We will also answer any questions you have and help you come up with a schedule so that you can take the next step.

What is the MBE Diagnostic?

The MBE Diagnostic is a questionnaire that consists of three parts: a multiple-choice portion, and two short-answer portions.  It also has a brief “introductory” section where we ask you to answer questions about any past experiences with the bar exam. The questionnaire poses questions on all seven MBE subjects.

It is untimed as it is designed to allow you to answer the questions to the best of your knowledge.

If you sign up for the MBE diagnostic, you can take it at our office in Birmingham, or anywhere you choose. We have had many students across the country take our MBE diagnostic in a library near them or in the comfort of their own home. If you are not located near our office, we will simply mail you a hard copy in the mail. You will be asked to hand write your answers under test like conditions, then scan the answers in to us.

We will then grade the exam and meet with you in person, on the phone, or online to discuss the results as well as your strengths and weaknesses.

The MBE Diagnostic well allow us to tell you:

  • your strengths–that is, what you are good at what you should continue to develop
  • whether you struggle primarily with comprehension
  • whether you struggle primarily with memorization
  • whether you struggle primarily with application of what you know to multiple-choice question
  • if there are other things you should consider doing (e.g. to improve timing, general exam skills, etc.)

We also tell you tips for conquering each skill. For example, if you struggle with comprehension, we will tell you steps moving forward that you can focus on to make sure you comprehend the law. If you struggle with memorization, we will give you tips for memorizing material and advise you of what you need to focus on prior to diving into multiple-choice questions. We will also give you tips if you struggle primarily with application.

While other companies focus on the individual subjects students struggle with, this MBE diagnostic test focuses on what you need to do to improve your overall MBE score.

Frequently Asked Questions about the MBE Diagnostic  

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Do you offer private tutoring services or other services for students struggling on the MBE?

Yes! If you have taken the bar exam more than once, and are looking for private tutoring, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We offer bar exam tutoringbar exam essay feedback, and multiple-choice (MBE) assistance to students nationwide.  In addition, we offer private tutoring for several state bar exams as well as the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE). We also offer many other options if you are taking the UBE (MEE one-sheets, an MEE seminar, an MEE course, among others!).

JD Advising, law school tutoringAshley Heidemann scored over a 180 on the Michigan Bar Exam. She, as well as a team of tutors offer private one-on-one tutoring for bar exam students nationwide as well as small-group courses and seminars for the Michigan bar exam.  For more information about her Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) or Multistate Essay Exam (MEE) tutoring services, please click here. Please click here to contact her company, with any questions or concerns.

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