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mee seminar, how to study for the MPRE, MPRE tutoringOur seminar covered over 90% of the topics tested on the July 2017 bar exam and over  70% of the topics tested on the February 2017 bar exam! Our seminar attendees had a huge advantage going into the bar exam!

If you are looking to get the best MEE information in the least amount of time, sign up for our MEE seminar! We give the best review of the highly tested topics so you can maximize your MEE score.

Some students get so bogged down with multiple choice that they forget that the MEE (in uniform bar exam states) is worth 30% of the bar exam (or the equivalent of approximately 105 MBE questions!). Constantly remind yourself how important the MEE is — especially if answering MBE questions isn’t your strong suit!

If you are looking for fantastic outlines, personalized instruction in a small-group setting on the Multistate Essay Exam, you are not alone!  Consider signing up for our MEE Seminar for an efficient, last-minute review of highly-tested topics on the MEE. We cover not only topics that are frequently tested but also our predictions of what we think may be coming up on the bar exam. As mentioned above, on the July 2017 MEE, we covered over 90% of the topics tested on the MEE.

What is the MEE Seminar?

Our MEE Seminar highlights the most highly-tested areas of law on the MEE.  We are currently offering the MEE seminar live online.

You will receive a hard copy of a 45-page booklet ahead of the seminar.

In the MEE seminar, we will cover:

  • The topics most likely to appear on the MEE
  • Our predictions for which topics will appear on the MEE
  • MEE and UBE/MEE essay frequency charts from the past 7-10 years
  • A one-page or two-page summary of the highly tested issues on the MEE for every single topic – Agency, Partnership, Corporations & LLCs, Conflict of Laws, Domestic Relations, Secured Transactions, Trusts & Future Interests, and Decedent’s Estates, as well as all of the subjects that overlap with the MBE (Real Property, Evidence, Torts, Constitutional Law, Contracts & Sales, Criminal Law & Procedure, Civil Procedure)
  • MEE Tips and Tricks, including how to approach an MEE essay question
  • Tips for the last two weeks of bar exam preparation
  • An overview of recent cases that could appear on the bar exam

The MEE seminar will help you maximize your chances of success on the MEE during your last few weeks of bar exam preparation. It will help you study efficiently for the MEE and focus on the areas of law that you are most likely to see tested. As mentioned, we covered 90% of what was tested on the July 2017 bar exam in our seminar.

Note: There is no guarantee that the topics covered by the seminar will appear on the upcoming bar exam — but we do our best to cover what is coming up!

To sign up for the MEE Seminar, you are welcome to contact us  or sign up here.

MEE Seminar
This MEE Seminar is offered live online approximately two weeks prior to the bar exam. We go over the highly-tested areas of law as well as our predictions for which topics will be coming up!
Price: $499.99
Year You Will Take the Bar Exam :

What are the details of the MEE Seminar?

UBE bar exam prep options, uniform bar exam preparation options,

The details are as follows:

  • Cost: The MEE Seminar costs $499.99
  • Location: It held live online (we use a video platform where multiple people can sign in at once, see the instructor, and ask questions).
  • Date:  The February 2018 seminar is held live online on February 15, 2018.)
  • Time:  The seminar takes approximately 3.5 hours. There is a break in the middle.
  • Teacher: Our MEE Specialist, Ambika, will cover the highly-tested areas of MEE law.
  • What is Covered: We will send you an outline booklet of approximately 45 pages ahead of the seminar. We send you a hard copy of the booklet. We do not send electronic copies.  Then we will review the most highly-tested areas of law likely to appear on the bar exam as well as any questions you have.

Can I see a sample of the MEE Seminar handout?

Yes, you can see a PDF copy of the MEE Seminar Sample by clicking this link:  MEE Seminar Sample.

Why will I be at an advantage if I attend the
MEE Seminar?

How many students will be there?

What have past students said about your past Seminars? 

Is the MEE Seminar the same as the MEE one-sheets?

The MEE seminar is not the same as the MEE one-sheets. The MEE one-sheets are more compact and focus on highly tested issues from the last 20 years. The MEE seminar focuses on predictions and comes with a lecture. (Many of these come from the highly tested issues; however, they are not all highly tested issues.)

If you are wondering if you should purchase either the MEE one-sheets, or the MEE seminar, or both, you can read in more detail about the difference between the MEE seminar and MEE one sheets here.

What other MEE options do you offer?

We have the following options:

  • MEE one-sheets – $169.99.  These focus on the highly tested topics within each MEE subject. We make the MEE one-sheets by going through each past MEE from 1995 through the present date and ensuring that the highly tested topics are covered in each one-sheet. It is a very efficient way to study for the MEE.
  • MEE seminar – $499.99. This comes with its own MEE seminar booklet (which focuses on predictions of what is coming up as well as highly tested topics). The MEE seminar booklet is not the same as the MEE one-sheets as it focuses on predictions. It also contains more charts and issues that are not covered by the MEE one-sheets. For the July 2017 exam, 90% of what was covered on the multistate essay exam was covered by the seminar.
  • MEE course + MEE one-sheets – $2,199.99. Our MEE course is the absolute best way to prepare for the MEE subjects. The course provides you with superior outlines, instruction, and essay grading. It also covers predictions and comes with MEE one-sheets. There is no better way to prepare for the MEE!

Do you offer essay feedback too? Does the MEE Seminar cover multiple choice skills?

How do I sign up?

You can sign up here:

MEE Seminar
This MEE Seminar is offered live online approximately two weeks prior to the bar exam. We go over the highly-tested areas of law as well as our predictions for which topics will be coming up!
Price: $499.99
Year You Will Take the Bar Exam :

Note: We only have one spot left in our July 20th seminar! If you are interested in signing up, email us at so we can send you a link to pay.

You can also e-mail us at and write “MEE SEMINAR” in the subject line or use the contact form below.  We enroll students on a first-come, first-served basis.

Can I get an electronic copy of the MEE seminar?

We do not send electronic copies! We only send hard copies to protect our work product.

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