JD Advising, law school tutoringThe JD Advising Michigan Bar Exam Course: The Michigan bar exam is approaching. Are you looking to break away from the commercial bar review courses to get a more personalized bar exam course?  Apply to sign up for our Michigan Bar Exam Course! Our JD Advising Michigan Bar Exam Course tells you everything you need to know to conquer the Michigan bar exam.

The JD Advising Michigan bar exam course is designed by Ashley Heidemann, who received a top score of 182 on the Michigan Bar Exam on the February 2011 bar exam. It is co-taught by her JD Advising associates.

Our Michigan bar exam course contains a superior individualized approach that is specific to the Michigan bar exam. We create the best Michigan bar review outlines that are precisely tailored to the Michigan bar exam.  We provide high-quality and highly-tested information in an easy-to learn, concise format. We make our outlines and design the lectures for our classes by literally reading through every past bar exam from 1990 through the present date and drawing attention to the issues that are most frequently and most recently tested.

We also provide predictions of the issues that will be tested on the bar exam. We do this by studying the highly-tested topics as well as the topics that are most recently and frequently tested.  We frequently predict 1/3 to 1/2 of the issues that will be tested on the Michigan bar exam.

Note: We make no guarantees that our exact predictions will be tested on the upcoming Michigan bar exam. However, we will go over the highly-tested information that is likely to appear again.

We provide something different than nationalized bar review courses.

Many of our students find that they receive extremely high scores on the Michigan bar exam.  In fact, almost all of our students score between 140 and 160 on the Michigan bar exam (which is well above the passing score of 135). We have many repeat bar exam students increase their score by 20 or 30 points(!) on the Michigan bar exam.

Our Michigan bar exam course can help you pass the bar exam:

  • even if you work full time
  • even if you have taken the bar exam multiple times
  • even if you struggled in law school
  • even if you have not taken the bar exam for several years
  • even if you, statistically speaking, are not likely to pass the bar exam.

Our February 2016 Michigan bar exam passage rate was 100%!!! And we had students fall into each of the categories above. Many of the students were repeat takers. 80% of them worked full time throughout bar prep, and one had not taken the bar exam in several years. All of them passed the Michigan bar exam!

MBE DiagnosticInterested? Below are some Frequently-Asked Questions about our Michigan Bar Exam Course.

Why should I take your course over Barbri or Kaplan?

How many students are allowed to attend the Michigan Bar Exam Course? 

Can I sign up to take just the essay portion only?

What do your students say about your services?

What is the cost of the  JD Advising Michigan Bar Exam Course?

Can I use the JD Advising Michigan Bar Exam Course as a Substitute for a Barbri or Kaplan Course?

Where is the JD Advising Michigan Bar Exam Course located and when will it be held?

How do I apply to be a part of the JD Advising Michigan Bar Exam course? 

Apply by e-mailing your name and contact information to info@jdadvising.com. Use “JD ADVISING BAR PREP COURSE” as the subject line.  We keep all names and inquiries confidential and we will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your e-mail. If you would like to talk to us on the phone, please do not hesitate to call 248-228-5547.

We will call you before the course begins to discuss: (1) Your approach to the Michigan bar exam; (2) Any questions you have about the Michigan bar exam; and (3) How Ms. Heidemann can best help you excel on the Michigan bar exam. We will determine if the course is a good option for you.