SeminarLooking for a review of highly-tested topics on the essay portion of the Michigan bar exams?

Wondering how to spend your last few weeks of bar preparation in order to maximize your chance of success?

Sign up for our Michigan Bar Exam seminar! The seminar consists of an in-depth review of the highly-tested Michigan distinctions for the multistate subjects as well as the highly-tested areas of Michigan law that are very likely to be tested again. An outline “booklet” of approximately 50 pages will be provided to all students who attend.

Note: If you go to Wayne State University Law SchoolUniversity of Detroit Mercy Law School or WMU Cooley Law School, the Seminar is available at a discounted price if you attend the school-sponsored seminar. Please email us at info@jdadvising.com for details!

Ashley-Heidemann-Profile-382x356The Michigan bar exam seminar is designed by Ashley Heidemann, who scored over a 180 on the Michigan bar exam in February 2011 and has been tutoring for every administration ever since. Ms. Meagan Jabbori leads the seminar.

The seminar date for the July 2018 Michigan bar exam will be Friday, July 13 at 10:00 AM.

The seminar itself takes a few hours. The instructor answers the questions of all students at the seminar and stays after to guide students and answer any questions they may have their last week and a half of bar exam preparation. If you are interested, we recommend that you sign up early since spots fill up quickly.

You may reserve your spot for the seminar here: 

This Michigan bar exam seminar is offered live in Birmingham approximately two weeks prior to the bar exam. We go over the highly-tested areas of law as well as our predictions for which topics will be coming up! (Note: Do not purchase this seminar if you attend Wayne Law or Cooley Law, as a special deal is offered through the school.)



One of our most recent seminars was held at Wayne State University Law School where nearly 70 students attended. That seminar is pictured below:

ashley heidemann

Why will I be at an advantage if I attend the Michigan Bar Exam Seminar? 

We provide high-quality and highly-tested information in an easy-to-learn, concise format. We make the outline and design the lecture for this seminar by literally reading through every past bar exam from 1990 on. Then we look at the Michigan distinctions that are commonly tested as well as the most highly-tested and recently-tested issues. We use that information to decide the key areas of law to include in the 50-page booklet we hand out to students.

You can see the accuracy of our February 2018 Michigan bar exam predictions here.

When we provided the Michigan bar exam seminar for the July 2017 bar exam, we accurately covered many of the issues on the bar exam including:

  • The entire Criminal Procedure question on search incident to arrest and specifically whether officers could search a cell phone incident to arrest. We cited the exact case on point (the Riley case) and discussed it in our seminar.
  • The entire Criminal Law questionWe discussed conspiracy and also accurately noted in our seminar that Michigan does not require an overt act to prove a conspiracy. This exact question was tested on the bar exam.
  • The entire Civil Procedure question. Not only did we accurately predict that Civil Procedure would test personal jurisdiction, but we discussed the exact step-by-step approach to take if you saw a personal jurisdiction question.
  • The entire Real Property/Creditors’ Rights question on foreclosure by advertisement (including the statutory right of redemption).
  • The entire Personal Property question was covered by the seminar handout—including the Lost and Unclaimed Property Act (LUPA), which we predicted would be tested—and “abandonment”
  • We predicted the entire Family Law question and specifically stated that marital versus separate assets were likely to appear on the exam.
  • The entire Equity question was covered by our Michigan bar exam seminar. We told students to memorize the preliminary injunction factors and this is exactly what was tested.
  • The Corporations question on derivative lawsuits. Not only did we cover derivative actions in the seminar but we also predicted that it would be coming up on the exam! We discussed the exact procedure necessary for filing a derivative action and we were happy to see that specifically tested.
  • The Real Property question regarding the race-notice statute. Half of the Real Property question tested Michigan’s race-notice statute and, specifically, what constituted “notice.” We told students to be on the lookout for this as we predicted this issue may be coming up – and it did.
  • The No-Fault question had a noneconomic damages issue, which was discussed in our seminar and predicted to come up.
  • The Wills question was covered by the handout—we discussed both will validity and revocation of a will, which were two of the three major issues tested by that question.
  • We also stated that we thought hearsay would be tested in Evidence, negligence would be tested in Torts, and that Secured Transactions would be tested (and we included charts in the seminar that covered perfection of PMSI’s and non-PMSI’s—both of which were tested).

Read what we predicted for the July 2016 Michigan bar exam here:

Note: We make no guarantees that the information that we go over will be tested on the upcoming Michigan bar exam. However, we will go over the highly-tested information that is likely to appear again.

You can sign up for the Michigan Bar Exam seminar here: Note that we will also have you fill out an enrollment form upon signing up. It will be automatically sent to you when you purchase the seminar.

How many students will be there?

We keep our seminar small! We encourage participation and conversation. We encourage questions. And we encourage staying after to talk about any questions you might have.

Do you provide coffee? 

Yes, we are very proud of our large selection of Keurig coffee! We will also provide light refreshments and snacks!

What is covered in the Michigan Bar Exam Seminar?pass the bar exam

We cover Michigan distinctions for multistate subjects as well as highly tested issues for Michigan subjects. We also go over tips for the last two-weeks of bar exam preparation and new cases that are likely to appear on the Michigan bar exam.

What have past students said about the Michigan Bar Exam Seminar? 

Some testimonials and student statements are as follows:

The JD Advising Michigan Bar Exam Seminar was a PERFECT supplement to my other commercial course. While the commercial courses teach the entire subject matter, based on some narrowing based on tendency, it’s clear that the analytics that JD Advising uses are up to date, and help to provide more stress free studying in the final weeks. There were several times that I turned the page to an essay on the Michigan Bar, and was happy to answer the question because I knew the topic from the seminar, and the instructor helped flesh out a couple of key points and it just made issue spotting easy. I KNOW I did better on the essay portion of the exam because of this seminar. I would say it would be silly for anyone taking the Michigan Bar NOT to take part in the JD Advising Seminar. – Attendee of February 2018 Michigan Bar Exam Seminar

I found the MI bar exam helpful. the material was condensed which was awesome in getting my last minute studying in.

I saw some of the predictions tested on the exam and a few others were not predicted. I feel about 70% of what was predicted was on there. Overall, I was prepared on what was predicted and every point counts so it was worth it. Some of the essays were challenging (ex: the contracts one) compared to July 2017 essays, but without the seminar I may not have been as prepared. One sheets are the way to go!

Yes, I would recommend it to others. Although many students cannot afford the seminar is which I have heard since law school, it is very helpful. I have shared my experience with current law students. They all say it is expensive and they cannot afford it. But I put it this way. It is better to increase your chances of passing the first time by investing in the seminar. So even if you have to save money during law school or ask family to contribute as a graduation gift it is worth it. It made me more confident as well. I was out of work for four months and it was tough financially, but I decided to invest the $500 in the seminar because I really want to pass and taking another 3months off (God forbid I don’t pass) will definitely cost more than the $500 investment. I really wish I could have afforded the entire course.

Another thing I loved about JD Advising is that everyone working there is patient and kind. If you email questions about a topic from the seminar, you will get a great response.

As a second time bar exam taker (although I have not received my results – fingers crossed), I wish I would have taken JD Advising the first time I took the bar. I honestly believed I would have passed since I was only off about 6-7points. But as they say everything happens for a reason.

JD Advising is worth the investment and I believe wholeheartedly your chances of passing the first time increases by joining JD Advising.

JD Advising is the way to go! – Attendee of February 2018 Michigan Bar Exam Seminar

I thought the seminar was incredibly helpful. It assisted me in focusing on certain areas after having done a thorough review and study of all essay topics. It was a relief to be able to keep a narrow focus in the last couple of weeks. I also felt very prepared during the exam, as many of the predictions/information given to focus on in the seminar book, appeared on the exam. With such a vast amount of material to cover, I found the seminar kept me calm, attentive and prepared during the bar. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has anxiety throughout the last several weeks of preparation. It just gives the extra needed boost of confidence!! – Attendee of February 2018 Michigan Bar Exam Seminar

The seminar was in my opinion, invaluable.  Very organized, easy to read and navigate. So glad I reviewed the recent case rulings in the back of the book.  I saw two cases, almost exactly on the bar exam. If I don’t pass, I would take it again.  Wish I would have done more with JD Advising. – Attendee of February 2018 Michigan Bar Exam Seminar

The JD Advising Essay Seminar course may have been the most useful study tool I utilized during my bar studies. It provides students with an overview of all potential essay topics and extremely accurate essay topic predictions. In fact, from what I can recall, the JD Advising Essay Seminar accurately predicted at least 50% of the exact issues on the bar exam! The course also provides each student with a booklet which outlines the popular essay topics. I would have never memorized the “foreclosure by advertisement process” or given it a second thought, but for this course, as my commercial course did not provide the elements in such an easy-read format as JD Advising. Lastly, I think the most important part of this course is the overall timing. The course was given two-three weeks prior the bar exam  and provided me an overall area to focus. By mastering this booklet, I was very confident going  into the first day and actually left with a smile on my face, as I knew I passed “Day 1” of the Michigan Bar Exam. – July 2017 MI bar exam taker

The money I spent on the JD Advising supplemental program is the best money I have ever spent. I would have been lost on the essay portion of the bar exam without the lecture, materials, and feedback by JD Advising. I stopped following the essay program of my commercial prep course and just studied the lecture handouts, one sheets, and essay analysis from JD Advising because it was a much more efficient and effective use of my time. JD Advising taught me content and form – the Michigan-specific law that is highly tested, and how to organize my essays to make it easy for graders to award points. Needless to say, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND JD Advising’s supplemental program!  – July 2017 MI bar exam taker

The lecture was very helpful. The fact that Meaghen was explaining some of the concepts stuck to me, and I was able to actually regurgitate those concepts on the exam. 
The predictions were super helpful. When I seen the topics that were predicted, I felt comfortable and prepared (I actually smiled, and no one smiles while taking the bar exam). I was even able to finish those topics in half the time, giving me additional extra time on other subjects. 
If someone wants to guarantee a 10 on at least a few subjects, then they should definitely take this seminar. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! It was a  life saver. If it was not for the seminar, I would have completely blanked on two subjects. – July 2017 MI bar exam taker

I just found out that I passed the bar on my first attempt. I have to say that your Michigan bar exam seminar was worth its weight in gold. It really helped me focus my Michigan-specific studying to a few key areas and so much of what you covered in the seminar wound up on the essays. I would heartily recommend the seminar to anyone taking future exams. -July 2017 MI bar exam taker

I really cannot thank you enough for offering this supplemental essay course. Your book, spiral binders and in-class session truly put the essay portion of this bar exam in an accurate perspective for me. I enrolled in a commercial course (not to mention any names, ***b**) and have been disappointed at the lack of pragmatism conveyed with regard to what knowledge is truly essential for certain topics versus what knowledge is less “important” for purposes of taking the test that we will actually see on exam day. Your resources gave me guidance and confidence that this exam can be approached in a realistic, calculated manner, as opposed to a kamikaze mission. – July 2017 MI bar exam taker

Thank you for your quick feedback and invaluable help with the essays. I feel much more confident to take the bar now after taking your mini class! – July 2017 MI bar exam taker 

I just wanted to say thanks for the seminar. I passed the bar the first time! Also, my converted essay score was 150! It was an 109 with several 10s and 9s. I heard people walking out of the exam saying they didn’t answer them all or didn’t know how, and I answered them all!!!! -Attendee of the July 2016 Bar Exam Seminar

Ashley’s seminar was incredibly helpful.  I entered feeling so anxious that the bar exam was so close and feeling there was no way I would be able to remember everything for the essay portion.  I left feeling well-prepared and that I could absolutely conquer the essay exam.  Her outlines were especially helpful.  I brought it with me to Lansing and it was great to read through the night before the exam when I was full of nerves.  I highly recommend!! -Attendee of the February 2015 Bar Exam Seminar

I took Ashley’s seminar and it was by far the best decision I have made during my bar exam prep. The seminar covers the most tested issues on the essay part of the exam and tells exactly what you need to know and what to focus on during the final stretch before the exam. It is far superior to any other resource on the market and became the final attack outline I used prior to exam. Excellent  resource and and an absolute must for every bar exam taker! -Attendee of the February 2015 Bar Exam Seminar

The essay course was so informative and so beneficial for the Feb 2015 exam. The hard topics were predicted and when they came up, I was able to answer them with ease, thanks to the bar course. If I didn’t have this seminar, a few of those essay questions would have left me in the dark, no questions asked. I recommend this course to any taker!! It is honestly a life saver. -Attendee of the February 2015 Bar Exam Seminar 

Other Student Statements about the Michigan Bar Exam Seminar: 

  • The seminar really left me feeling like this was more manageable than before I came in.
  • Thanks again for the seminar! Provided so much clarity and my friends were raving about it! You’re amazing at what you do!!
  • Thank you SO much for today’s lecture. I walked out of that classroom a lot calmer and feeling a lot more capable.
  • The seminar really helped ease everyone’s anxiety about what topics will most likely appear on the exam and what to focus on as we get closer.
  • The seminar was amazing, and so helpful!
  • I really enjoyed [the seminar] and feel much more confident on the essays now.
  • I want to thank you for offering your seminar – it was undoubtedly the most helpful component of bar prep!
 Does the Seminar cover Multiple-Choice skills too?

It does not! We do have a seminar that covers multiple-choice skills specifically. You can learn more about our multiple-choice skills seminar by clicking here.

What if I want private tutoring for the Michigan bar exam? 

We offer that too. Please feel free to contact us by e-mail (info@jdadvising.com) or telephone (248-228-5547) to hear more about private tutoring. You can read some testimonials and learn more information on this page about private tutoring too.

Where is the Michigan Bar Exam Seminar held?

We will hold the seminar at our office in Birmingham, Michigan.Our office is located at 999 Haynes, Suite 260, Birmingham, MI 48009. Note: If your school sponsors a seminar that you attend (that is, if you are a Wayne Law graduate, a University of Detroit Mercy Law School graduate, or WMU Cooley Law graduate, the seminar will be held at the school).

Note: We also offer online options for this seminar. You are welcome to attend the seminar online.

What is the cost of the Michigan Bar Exam Seminar?

The cost is $499.99. Note: If your school sponsors a seminar that you attend (that is, if you are a Wayne Law graduate, a University of Detroit Mercy Law School graduate, or Cooley Law graduate, you will also receive a discounted price. Please email us at info@jdadvising.com for details). 

How do I sign up?

Sign up here. Note that we will also have you fill out an enrollment form upon signing up. It will be automatically sent to you when you purchase the seminar.

This Michigan bar exam seminar is offered live in Birmingham approximately two weeks prior to the bar exam. We go over the highly-tested areas of law as well as our predictions for which topics will be coming up! (Note: Do not purchase this seminar if you attend Wayne Law or Cooley Law, as a special deal is offered through the school.)


We enroll students on a first-come, first-served basis.)

You can also e-mail us at info@jdadvising.com, call us, or use the contact form below. (Note: We recommend you sign up early to reserve a spot.