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We are excited to announce our 2017 edition of our book on How to Pass the Michigan Bar Exam!

The first edition of our book on how to pass the Michigan bar exam has received glowing reviews (which you can read below).  Several students say that the only reason they  passed the Michigan bar exam was because of this book. Our book is so highly regarded that Wayne State University Law School purchased a copy of the book for each member of its graduating class in 2016.

The second edition of our book is now available. Please read the terms of use below prior to purchasing it. 

Michigan Bar Exam Book - 2017 Edition
This is our new and improved 2017 edition of the Michigan Bar Exam book! This book has updated one-sheets, more released essays with student answers, and new and improved MBE tips! It is 300 pages longer than the 2015 edition!
Price: $199.99

The book, How to Pass the Michigan Bar Exam, is written Ashley Heidemann who received a score of 182 on the Michigan bar exam. She teaches a highly regarded course on the Michigan bar exam, and has a staff of private bar exam tutors that have helped several students pass the Michigan bar exam and bar exams nationwide.

Our 2017 Edition of How to Pass the Michigan Bar Exam,
Contains all of the Following:

  • Secrets for studying smart for the Michigan bar exam. These strategies have helped many students spend their time effectively when studying for the bar exam. We include information on how to study, what to focus on – and, equally important, what not to focus on. This information reveals how to pass the Michigan bar exam in the most efficient, least-stressful way!
  • A step-by-step guide for writing high-scoring Michigan bar exam essays. This guidehow to pass the michigan bar exam reveals how to structure your Michigan bar exam essay answers and how to think like an essay grader. We reveal vital tips on what to do and what not to do when you are answering an essay question. Our 2017 edition is updated with even more tips!
  • A time-tested method to improve your multiple choice (MBE) score. We provide an effective strategy for answering multiple choice questions correctly. This strategy will help students who are just starting to study for the bar exam, as well as students who get stuck choosing between two answer choices or who practice 100 questions a day and do not improve. We also give you tips for answering questions correctly when you do not know the answer.
  • MBE Strategies by Subject. Our 2017 edition has approximately 35 pages worth of MBE strategies for the MBE subjects tested on the bar exam. We go through common mistakes that students make when approaching a subject, as well as how to avoid them.
  • Twenty four “one-sheets” that condense the most highly-tested areas of law for each of the potential Michigan bar exam essay subjects into one sheet, each. These “one-sheets” provide an invaluable, concise overview for each of the Michigan bar exam essay subjects. They are detailed and specific to the essay portion of the Michigan bar exam. We composed them by reading the past 25 years’ worth of Michigan bar exam essays and narrowing down the most highly-tested issues into one sheet per subject. It is incredible how much overlap there is between what is on the one-sheets and what is tested on the essay exam. If you want to see how much we accurately predict in our one-sheets, please see this post on how much the one-sheets predicted what would be tested on the July 2015 Michigan bar exam. The one-sheets have been updated in the 2017 second edition of the book. You can see a sample of the Criminal Procedure one-sheet by clicking on the picture above.
  • Essay questions, model answers, as well as actual graded student answers for the July 2014 Michigan essay exam, both essay exams in 2015, and both essay exams in 2016. We also include our commentary on the student answers to show you what students did well and what you can do to write even better essay answers.

The How to Pass the Michigan Bar Exam book costs $199.99, which includes tax and shipping.

To buy your copy, read the following certifications and then click the link below:


Click below to purchase the How to Pass the Michigan Bar Exam Book!

Michigan Bar Exam Book - 2017 Edition
This is our new and improved 2017 edition of the Michigan Bar Exam book! This book has updated one-sheets, more released essays with student answers, and new and improved MBE tips! It is 300 pages longer than the 2015 edition!
Price: $199.99

Alternatively, you may e-mail us at info@jdadvising.com and send a check to purchase the book. We recommend you buy your book early since we will have limited copies available. All information and inquiries are kept strictly confidential.

What is the next step? When Will I Receive my
“How to Pass the Michigan Bar Exam” Book?

We promptly ship all books and you can expect to receive your book within a few days of ordering it.

Ten percent of the net profits from our book sales are donated to the Julian Boivin Courage for Cures Foundation, a fantastic nonprofit that invests in brain cancer research. 

Can I Read Testimonials on the
“How to Pass the Michigan Bar Exam” Book?

Yes, some recent testimonials for our book can be found below:

Thank you for publishing that wonderful book!  After failing before, I finally passed. And as I left the exam after the first day I thought to myself “if I pass, it is because of those one page JD Advising sheets!”  I am a single, working mom who is very committed to her kids; it’s simply not possible for me to cram like other bar examinees. Those one page sheets made it manageable. You helped me prioritize my limited time. I just literally could not memorize everything Barbri expected (where does one with limited time even start when they stress we should know everything!?!?) but I could memorize those sheets. Also, your tips on how to structure the essays were immensely helpful. Even the basics about the exam and other study programs were really eye-opening. I was so angry when I learned Barbri just made up their own questions! I bought the MBE book you recommended in your book (Emanuel I think?) so I could study ACTUAL questions. That helped enormously as well.
Thank you so much. You changed my life!! -July 2017 Bar Exam taker

All I can say is that you are amazing.  I purchased your huge Michigan Bar book very late in my Bar prep, and I have to tell you that I truly believe that it is what bolstered my confidence and pushed my score to the mark of “passing.”  YOUR OUTLINES gave me EXACTLY what I needed to crystalize the law into succinct rules of law. -July 2017 Bar Exam taker 

I think the How to Pass the Bar book put me over the top – I got my passing score yesterday!! -July 2017 Bar Exam taker

The only thing worse than failing the bar exam is failing the bar exam multiple times. Unfortunately, that’s where I found myself in October 2015, as it was then that I learned that I failed the Michigan Bar Exam for the third time. Increasingly desperate, I came to the realization that BarBri wasn’t cutting it. While BarBri and other heavily regimented prep courses work for some people, it was not helpful for someone working full-time. I didn’t have the time or the mental wherewithal to sit through scores of three-hour lectures. I firmly believe that purchasing Ashley Heidemann’s How to Pass the Michigan Bar Exam was the reason that I passed the February 2016 Michigan Bar Exam.

I found Ashley’s multiple choice tips to be helpful. The real payoff, however, was the invaluable essay section. True to its description, How to Pass contains “[t]wenty four ‘one-sheets’ that condense the most highly-tested areas of law for each of the potential Michigan bar exam essay subjects into one sheet.” These one-sheets concisely and conveniently present vital information in a digestible form. So, when the Board of Law Examiners tests seldom-studied areas of law (as it did in February 2016 when Agency and Conflicts of Law were tested), test-takers will be prepared. They will, of course, be better prepared for heavily tested areas of law, too. In short, I highly recommend How to Pass to anyone sitting for the Michigan Bar Exam—it’s a must-have.

Thank you for your interest in our new book! We look forward to hearing your thoughts on it!

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