new york bar exam private tutoring, ube tutoring, july 2017 new york bar exam resultsPlease read about our New York Bar Exam services below. We offer everything from tailored one-on-one private tutoring, courses, and products to purchase.

Uniform Bar Exam Course

MBE DiagnosticOur highly-regarded Uniform Bar Exam course fills up quickly! This is a full-service course. It meets for 50 hours in a small group setting. We give you fantastic, colorful, aesthetically-pleasing outlines for every subject, released MBE, MPT, and MEE questions,  and stellar instruction in a small-group setting. We only accept a very small group and It fills up quickly so early application is recommended. Read more about our Uniform Bar Exam course by clicking here.

Private tutoring

Ashley-E-HeidemannpictureWe offer in-depth private New York Bar Exam tutoring services to our students. We provide a detailed study schedule. We provide fantastic materials and outlines tailored to all portions of the New York Bar Exam–the MBE, the MEE, and the MPTs. And, we provide essay feedback for each student. We provide a detailed, tailored approach which gives students both direction and accountability Click here to read more about our Private tutoring for the New York Bar Exam.

MBE Services

conflict of laws on the Multistate Essay ExamWe have several MBE services, including an MBE course, MBE tutoring, an MBE diagnostic, MBE one-sheets, and an MBE Guide.

We also offer an MBE Seminar to help students conquer the MBE.

We have helped several students improve their MBE scores!

Please check out our MBE services here.

Multistate Essay Exam Course

scored low on the MEE, scored low on the multistate essay examWe provide a Multistate Essay Exam Course. This is a fantastic deal. You will receive outlines that are specifically tailored to the MEE. These are better outlines than any other course provides! You will also receive detailed instruction in a very small group setting. We encourage questions and conversation among our students. Lastly, you receive detailed essay feedback to make sure you are on track to pass the MEE. The MEE is a very important part of the exam, considering it is worth the same as105 MBE questions! A Multistate Essay Exam Course that covers the essay material on the multistate essay exam in depth.

New York Bar Exam Seminar

mee seminar, how to study for the MPRE, MPRE tutoringWe provide a New York Bar Exam Seminar that goes over the highly-tested areas of law that we believe could be coming up on the MEE. Each subject is covered in 1-3 pages in an outline we provide ahead of time. We include several helpful diagrams as well as examples from past MEE’s. This is an invaluable half-day overview that also includes a 40-page bound outline the highly-tested subjects. Click here to read more about our New York Bar Exam Seminar for the Essay portion of the New York Bar Exam.

MEE One-Sheets

MEE one-sheetsWe provide MEE one-sheets, which are a truly invaluable resource. Each Multistate Essay Exam subject is covered in one page–front and back. We tell you the highly-tested areas of law that you should be most aware of when you walk into the first day of the bar exam.

Students rave about our MEE one-sheets!

The MEE one-sheets are concise, invaluable, and provide a great overview of the material tested on the MEE. Many students use it to shape their studying in the weeks leading up to the exam. Read more about our MEE one-sheets here.

Essay Feedback

We provide detailed essay feedback–for both the MEE and the MPT. Our feedback doesn’t just MEE Coursetell you did wrong. Instead, we tell you how to approach the questions and improve your score.  In other words, we tell you how you can improve and give you real strategies toward this end. In addition to written feedback, you can also request a phone call with each round of essay grading to ask questions and to make sure that you understand the feedback.


Please contact us here! We are more than happy to answer any questions you have about our New York Bar Exam services.