Uniform Bar Exam Course

UBE CourseOur Uniform Bar Exam course is a fantastic alternative to a commercial course. We offer an exceptional course in a small-group setting. We keep track of each and every student to make sure everyone is on track to pass! We have an exceptional passage rate among our first time takers and repeat takers.

Our outlines are completely tailored to exactly what is tested on the Uniform Bar Exam. We offer superior instruction and released MBE, MEE, and MPT questions.

If you are looking for fantastic outlines, personalized instruction in a small-group setting on the Uniform bar exam, sign up for our Uniform Bar Exam course. If you are curious as to how we differ from commercial courses such as Barbri, see a chart on the differences between JD Advising and Barbri here.

What does our Uniform Bar Exam Course offer? 

Our Uniform Bar Exam course gives you all of the following:

  • A small-group setting. We limit the amount of students who can attend the course. Most of our courses have between 10 and 20 students. We keep close track of each and every student. We document progress by handing out weekly quizzes, by keeping track of essay and MBE scores (we grade about 5 essays/MPTs each week), and by having one-on-one meetings to track how the student is doing. We keep students accountable.
  • 50 hours of instruction on Uniform Bar Exam subjects. We go over substance as well as strategies for structure, timing, and what to write if you are unsure of the answer. Approximately 33 hours are dedicated to the MBE subjects (Real Property, Evidence, Torts, Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts & Sales, Criminal Law & Procedure.) Approximately 10 hours are dedicated to the MEE-only subjects (Corporations and LLC’s, Agency and Partnership, Conflicts of Law, Family Law, Secured Transactions, Wills, and Trusts. Lastly, we dedicate about 7 hours to MPT instruction.
  • Fantastic UBE outlines! Our UBE outlines are the best in the nation. We make them by going through every single MEE exam from 1995 to the present date and ensuring that every single topic that has ever been tested is in the outlines. Further, we highlight the highly-tested areas so that you can be aware of what is most likely to appear on your exam. We include charts, colors, diagrams, and mnemonics to make it easy to learn the outlines. You will receive outlines for all of the MBE subjects and all of the MEE subjects! To read more about what sets our outlines apart, read this post. To see a PDF sample of our Trusts outline, click on our Trusts Outline Sample. Note that our outlines are tailored to both the MBE and the MEE. Some people sign up for our program for our outlines alone.
  • Weekly to do lists. One of the most intimidating thing about the bar exam is that there is so much to learn and so much to do. We divide this into manageable chunks. We give you weekly to-do lists that tell you: which outlines to review, exactly which essays to complete (we assign exact dates so that you cover the highly-tested issues for each subject), and which MBE questions to complete.
  • Weekly graded feedback. We grade approximately five essays each week (as well as MPT’s, the weeks those are assigned) and tell you whether you are on track and exactly what you need to do to improve!
  • Our predictions for which subjects and topics will appear on the MEE. We study past MEE’s to make predictions on what could be coming up! We also give you MEE and MPT essay frequency charts from the past 7-10 years.
  • Past MEE questions and MPT questions from 2005 to 2017 plus model answers and point sheets. There is no better practice than using the actual released MEE and MPT questions and answers. We give our students actual released questions and model answers.
  • Released MBE questions. We distribute the Strategies and Tactics Sixth Edition to all of our students. This is a large book of all released MBE questions. It is a fantastic resource.
  • MEE One-Sheets. Our fantastic, highly regraded MEE one-sheets come with the UBE course.

The UBE course is the best in the nation. It is tailored to the MEE, and contains virtually every single topic that has ever been tested on the MEE. It provides by far the most efficient approach to the MEE.The primary instructor of the course has passed three bar exams: California, New York, and New Jersey exams.

What are the details of the Uniform Bar Exam Course?

mee seminar, how to study for the MPRE, MPRE tutoringThe details are as follows:

  • Cost: The Uniform Bar Exam course costs $5,500. This can be paid via check or cash.
  • Location: It held live online (we use a video conferencing platform where multiple people can sign in at once).
  • Dates:  The course meets on most Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings. Please see the February 2018 Course Syllabus here.
  • Time:  It is held from 6:30 to 8:30 PM EST on most Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.
  • Teacher: Ambika and Meagan, who are full time course instructors with JD Advising, teach the Uniform Bar Exam course.
  • What is Covered: This is a full-service course. You will receive outlines for each MBE and MEE subject, detailed instruction for each part of the exam (including the MPT), and released MBE, MEE, and MPT questions along with model answers.

Can I see a sample of the Uniform Bar Exam Course Outlines?

To see a PDF sample of our Trusts outline, click on our Trusts Outline Sample. If you would like to see specific samples, please email us or call us for more information.

Why will I be at an advantage if I take the
JD Advising Uniform Bar Exam Course?

MBE DiagnosticWe provide high-quality and highly-tested information in an easy-to learn, concise format. As mentioned above, we make the outlines by literally reading through every past bar exam from 1995 on. We highlight the most highly-tested and recently-tested issues so that you can see what is most likely to appear on your exam.

We explain this material in a conversational format and encourage questions and discussion. We also give you detailed (but manageable) weekly to do lists, and keep track of each student. We make sure that everyone is accountable and doing what they need to do to pass. Many students find our approach to be a breath of fresh air compared to larger commercial courses.

Does a small group make a difference?

Yes! We answer all of your questions and allow participation.  We also keep close track of students. We encourage you to sign up early if you want to guarantee your spot!

What have past students said about your Uniform Bar Exam Course?

To read testimonials of our services, courses, and seminars, please click here to read all of our testimonials.

Here are some recent testimonials from UBE takers who have used JD Advising services, as well as Ambika’s instruction,  for private tutoring:

Thank you so much to JD Advising!  After sitting for the Alabama bar exam twice and coming up short I made the decision to change the way I studied on the third attempt. Thankfully, I found JD Advising through a web search.  I contacted Ashley via email and she answered all of my questions and after hearing her plan and what they had to offer, I had a renewed hope that it may be possible to pass this after all. Ashley worked with my budget and we created a specialized plan to focus on my weakest subjects. The one-on-one study sessions with Ambika were amazing!  Having the ability to ask questions and focus on my weaker topics increased my confidence and increased my score! The outlines were the best I have ever used.  They are focused on what you need to know!  They are thorough, but not impossible! My score increased by 12 points after using JD Advising outlines and working with Ambika!  The more telling fact is that the subjects that I studied with JD Advising were my highest scoring subjects of all my MBE subjects!  I truly believe that I passed because I studied with JD Advising.  My only regret is that I did not use them on the first attempt! Thanks so much to Ambika!  I couldn’t have done it without you! -February 2017 UBE taker

Stumbling upon, and using JD Advising for the February 2017 UBE exam was a blessing.  Unlike the big name bar prep companies JD Advising made a schedule that was unique for me, and Ashley’s MBE subject outlines were gold mines (some of her examples showed up on the exam) explained in a common sense way.  Also, having a personal, experienced tutor (Ambika was great!) go over the areas that are not as clear made sure my studying was not wasting time.  The MEE outlines explained the HEAVILY tested subjects in a clear and understandable way.  Needless to say, I felt better prepared and more confident after using JD Advising and would recommend it over the other big name bar prep companies. -February 2017 UBE taker

I received my Bar results this past week: I passed!  I have exchanged texts with Ambika and I also left her a voicemail thanking her for her tutoring and getting me over the hump to pass the DC Bar.  I just wanted to formally say thank you for your services.  Ambika is legit – a very competent and effective tutor.  She was very professional and very effective with our tutoring sessions.  Ambika really made it simple and tactically guided me through the MPTs and MEEs so I could get enough points to pass.  I think I remember her saying that no one she tutored ever failed the MPT/MEE portion and her streak is still alive – I passed! – February 2016 Bar Exam Taker

Thank you so much for your help Ashley!!!!!! I passed!!!! Ambika was SO helpful. I can still hardly believe it!!! February 2016 Bar Exam Taker

Do you offer homework and essay feedback with the Uniform Bar Exam course?

uniform bar exam course, UBE courseYes, we keep close track of our students! We offer:

  • Weekly to-do lists, which state what to do each week — including how which essay questions to answer, which MPT questions to answer, and which multiple-choice questions to do. We also tell you which outlines you should be reviewing each week.
  • Tailored essay feedback. We assign several essays each week. We will provide individualized feedback to you and grade 4-5 essays per week.
  • Tailored MPT feedback. We believe that the MPT is one of the most overlooked portions of the bar exam. (Many students, and courses, lose sight of the fact that it is worth 20% of your overall score–the same as 70 MBE questions!) We do not overlook it, however. We tell you how to approach each kind of MPT and then we provide feedback on the several MPTs we assign.
  • Accountability. If you are not staying on track, we are the first to let you know! If you are excelling, we let you know that too!

Does the Uniform Bar Exam course cover multiple-choice and essay skills too?

Yes. We go over multiple-choice skills, skills for the multistate essay exam portion of the bar exam, and skills for the multistate performance test portion of the bar exam. We leave no stone unturned if you sign up for our course.

Note: As part of an agreement for using our services, since out outlines and work product are superior to most courses, we ask that you agree to return the outlines and materials. If you pass the exam, we will simply destroy the materials. If you fail, we send them right back no questions asked. We do this solely to protect our work product.

How do I sign up?

E-mail us at info@jdadvising.com and write “UBE Course” in the subject line. You are also welcome to call us at 248-228-5547 or use the contact form below.  We enroll students on a first-come, first-served basis. We will get in touch with you promptly after receiving your email or phone call. All inquiries are kept confidential.

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