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JD Advising publishes article in Michigan Bar Journal

Ashley Heidemann Michigan Bar JournalJD Advising founder, Ashley Heidemann, is proud to have an article published in the May 2017 edition of the Michigan Bar Journal.

Ashley Heidemann’s article is titled “The Business of Practicing Law: Targeting Millenials.” The article discusses how law firms and laywers can better tailor their practices in order to reach the millenial generation.  The Michigan bar journal article outlines 7 steps for lawyers and firms to take if they seek to make their businesses more “millenial friendly”.

To read the article on “The Business of Practicing Law: Targeting Millenials” please click on the link.   Continue reading


Our 7 Best Workflow Tips

7 best workflow tipsOur 7 Best Workflow tips: Nothing is more annoying than spending a day unmotivated, dragging your feet. Or realizing you have spent the past two hours on Facebook instead of getting anything done. Or, seeing half of your to-do list left for tomorrow. Here are our five best workflow tips to combat unproductivity and inefficiency.  Whether you are a law student, a lawyer, or something else entirely, we hope our seven best workflow tips can help you! Continue reading


Top 5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Being an Entrepreneur

start a small businessStarting your own business is super-exciting. It is something that is challenging, fulfilling, and different than any thing you have probably done in your life.

Unlike other goals, there is not a clear “start” or “finish.” There is not a set path. You have to find one as you go along. This brings a lot of surprises and challenges on the way. In this post, I discuss the advantages of being an entrepreneur as well as the disadvantages.

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Hate Practicing Law? Need a way out?

how to succeed in law school, mee seminar, pre-law, lsat, summer before law schoolHate Practicing Law? Need a way out? I litigated for three years after law school. I thought it was fine and fun for the most part. But it wasn’t super-fulfilling.  I would get irritated at having an unreasonable opposing counsel or unreasonable judge or unreasonable client! And I can only imagine that these are exaggerated in some areas of law. I was very lucky to like my boss and my coworkers and to enjoy my work, for the most part. But I know that many of my friends are not so lucky. Continue reading


So you want to start a small business (…Or Law Firm. Or side business?) Here are Five Tips to Start!

start a small businessA lot of our bar exam students (and even people who are not our students!) will set up appointments with me either after they take the bar exam or pass the bar exam to discuss business ideas they have and get our advice. Some want to start law firms. Others want to start side businesses selling products that they make. Others sell consulting services in a particular field where they have developed some experience. Continue reading


Seven Tips for Creating a Professional and Polished LinkedIn Profile — For Law Students and Lawyers

student-849828_640Seven Tips for Creating a Professional and Polished LinkedIn Profile — For Law Students and Lawyers

Given the prevalence of social media, it is not surprising that many employers are turning to LinkedIn to find new talent or—at the very least—using the site to “vet” potential candidates.  So, for aspiring and current law students, young lawyers, and those transitioning positions within the legal field, having a polished and professional LinkedIn profile is integral to success and may help you gain an edge over your competition. Below are some tips to help you put your best face forward! Continue reading


Seven Interview Tips for Law Students

bar examAre you preparing for an interview at a firm or company?  Whether you are preparing to interview at a big firm, small firm, pro bono internship, or some other job that is related to the legal field, it is important that you are as prepared as possible for the interview. Below are some important interview tips for law students and those applying to jobs in the legal field.

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Challenges of Being a Female Entrepreneur

challenges of being a female entrepreneurI normally don’t write about gender-related issues. I have honestly not given that much thought to such issues in the past. However, I’ve recently read some articles that talked about the challenges of being a female entrepreneur which enticed me to think more about the topic.

Even considering what challenges come with being a female entrepreneur is difficult. It is hard to draw a circle around specific experiences and say I’ve had certain ones because I was a female. It’s even harder to know what perspectives and biases of my own that I bring to the table.

Many of the articles seemed to point to the following challenges (many called them disadvantages) of being a female entrepreneur: Continue reading


Should I Apply for Jobs while Waiting for Bar Exam Results?

Ashley HeidemannShould I Apply for Jobs while Waiting for Bar Exam Results? It is tough to get a job when you are in the “in between” space of taking the bar exam and waiting for bar exam results.  The economy is already not at its best, and having a JD (with a question mark as to whether that will turn to “Esq.” in the next couple of months) is an additional hurdle.

That can make this in-between period really annoying (you don’t know your future, you don’t know if you passed, you don’t have a lot to do besides think about these things!). However,  it can also provide you with a great opportunity to relax, reflect, and plan for a career moving forward. Continue reading


How to Become a Judge in Michigan

how to become a judge in michigan

Many of my bar exam students have stated that their goal was to eventually become a judge. People who are morally-minded with a sense of justness and fairness are especially attracted to this position of judge. Being a judge is also a great 9-5 job that pays pretty decently and, in most cases, comes with a nice office :)

Each state chooses their state judges differently and each state has different qualifications. In Michigan, the qualifications, according to Article VI Section 19 of the Michigan Constitution, are listed below.  Continue reading


Top Ten Tips for How To Get a Job after Law School

Ashley HeidemannMany law students and graduated law students struggle to find a job after law school. It is no secret that the legal job market is at an all-time low. Law students and new lawyers compete for the few jobs that have openings. If you find yourself to be one of many unemployed law students or lawyers in this competitive job market, below are some tips on how to get a job after law school.  Before you read the list of ideas about how to get a job after law school, keep these  few tips in mind:

First, remember that whatever job you do now does not have to be the job you do for the rest of your life. You can find something that works now and keep your eye on other options. Be open-minded, especially when you are just starting your search!

Second, be strategic in which options you run with. Remember that you do not have to go down the list and try all of these job strategies at once. Pick a few, and if those don’t work, come back and pick some more options!

Lastly, it is a good idea to brainstorm while you are reading this list. See if any ideas come to you. Are there any people you should reach out to? Do you know deep down that you have to clean up your resume? Write down a few things to do this week, and then do them!

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Want to Start Your Own Law Firm after Law School?

SchoolAre you looking to start your own law firm after law school? You may be wondering if law school will prepare you to start your own law firm.

The answer is: It can, but you may have to make it a priority to seek out such learning experiences yourself.

In general, law school is theoretical. While practice is, well, practical.  While there are some courses, such as internship classes that allow you to get practical experience, or a clinic, that tends to be the majority of “real experience” students get from law school. Continue reading


Top Ten Tips for Starting Your Own Law Firm

Ashley HeidemannLast year, I started my own law firm, the Heidemann Law Firm, PLLC. My firm specializes in writing bar exam appeals.  Admittedly, it is not my only source of income so I do not have the pressure that many of my friends and students who have started their own firms have.

Many people wonder if they should start their own law firm, and if so, where to begin. Some people want to start their own firms right after law school. Others start them after gaining a year or two of practice under their belt.

So we compiled a list of tips that our friends, our students, and ourselves have found helpful in starting our own law firms. This is by no means a detailed guide to starting your own law firm. Nor does it answer the question, “Should I start my own law firm?” It is, however, a very helpful list of ten things to consider before starting your own law firm. Continue reading