July 2017 MEE Predictions

July 2017 MEE predictions, July 2017 UBE predictions

July 2017 MEE Predictions

July 2017 MEE Predictions: Are you wondering what is going to be on the July 2017 Multistate Essay Exam (MEE)? Us too! We have created our own July 2017 MEE predictions. These are the essay subjects that we think are coming up, primarily based on past MEE questions (as you can see in the chart below).  We think that you may see the following on the July 2017 MEE.

July 2017 MEE Predictions

  1. Civil Procedure (perhaps combined with Conflict of Laws). Civil Procedure is one of their favorites. It is the most highly-tested subject on the MEE! Thus, we think it is coming up! We also think it may be combined with Conflict of Laws. Even though Conflicts is not highly-tested, when it is tested it is frequently tested in consecutive years. It was just tested in February 2017 (combined with Family Law). Update: Civil Procedure was combined with Conflict of Laws on the July 2017 MEE, as predicted!
  2. Torts perhaps with an Agency crossover. Torts did not appear in February 2017 and the Examiners’ seem to like Torts! They have also tested Agency consecutively in the past. Update: Torts was tested on the July 2017 MEE, as predicted! (It was not combined with Agency.)
  3. Secured Transactions.  It did not appear in February 2017. The Examiners’ seem to like this subject, especially lately. Update: Secured Transactions was tested on the July 2017 MEE, as predicted!
  4. Criminal Law and Procedure. This is not a popular subject but we have a feeling they will throw something less popular into this July’s exam. Update: Criminal Procedure was tested on the July 2017 as predicted. It was combined with Evidence.
  5. Wills (perhaps combined with Conflict of Laws if Civil Procedure is not). They just tested Trusts with a Wills issue so we think they will go back to a plain Wills question. Update: Wills was tested on the July 2017 MEE, as predicted!
  6. Evidence.  This seems to be a favorite of theirs. Update: Evidence was tested on teh July 2017 MEE, as predicted, and combined with Criminal Procedure!

Wild Card: Constitutional Law: Constitutional Law is a semi popular MBE subject on the MEE– appearing in February 2013, February 2014, February 2015, February 2016! — and it didn’t show up in July 2016 or February 2017. We still think they may do something like Criminal Law and Procedure in its place but we have been going back and forth about it. Update: Constitutional Law was tested on the July 2017 MEE!

A few notes:

  • Real Property was a close call but the Examiners’ ended up considering the last Secured Transactions question in July 2016 as a “Secured Transactions/Real Property” question so we left it off our list.
  • Family Law is not nearly as popular now that the MEE is limited to six questions – before, when non-UBE states could choose from 7 or 9 questions, The NCBE used to always make Family Law an option for states to test. Now, it does not.

Lastly, if you look at the February 2012 exam, you will see it is similar to the February 2017 exam.

July 2017 MEE predictions, July 2017 UBE predictionsSo we naturally looked to see what they tested in July 2012 and they tested:

  • Torts
  • Wills with Conflicts
  • Secured Transactions
  • Criminal Law
  • Civil Procedure / Conflicts
  • Family Law

We think the July 2017 exam will be similar to July 2012 at least with respect to the first five subjects. We think that instead of Family Law they will administer a Torts question perhaps combined with Agency.

If you are want to make your own predictions by looking over a beautiful color-coded chart of UBE/MEE subjects, see below:

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Note: You should not rely on these predictions! You should still study all of the subjects and focus on the most highly-tested topics within each subject. We are simply letting you know what we think could be coming up on the next “round” of Uniform bar exam essays!

Want to know the topics we think are coming up on the bar exam?

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Wondering what the highly-tested issues are within each subject?

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Both the one-sheets and the seminar are fantastic, tailored resources that are dedicated to getting you as many points as possible on the MEE.

Looking for more MEE advice?

We hope this advice helped you! If you are looking for more advice for the multistate essay exam, we recommend you check out these free and very informative blog posts on the MEE. (And if you are looking for blog posts on all portions of the Uniform Bar Exam, check out these posts.)

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We hope this post on July 2017 MEE Predictions is helpful!

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