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law school tutoringAre you looking for law school tutoring? Founder of JD Advising, Ashley Heidemann, graduated as the #1 student in her law school class of over 200 students. We teach you the method that she used to succeed in law school.

Are you in law school and interested in
law school tutoring for your courses?

Law School Tutoring: If you are interested in private, one-on-one tutoring, please click here for more information about tutoring or contact us below. We offer both online and in-person tutoring for your law school classes. We tailor law school tutoring to what you need!

What does our law school tutoring program offer?  Our law school tutoring program has a lot to offer. First, we will help you learn the skills that you need to succeed in law school. Second, we will show you the best way to outline and learn your outlines. We will also teach you a time-tested strategy for answering exam questions. We will help you to create an organized, manageable schedule so that you can get done everything that you should be doing each week.

We also review the substantive law with you so that we are sure you understand it thoroughly. Lastly, we give you personalized feedback on practice exams so that by the time you take a law school exam, you will know exactly what is expected of you. Many students in the past have seen their GPA’s increase significantly after receiving our private one-on-one tutoring.blogging-336376_640

We highly recommend law school tutoring to first-year students.

We recommend tutoring for many reasons! Getting high grades your first year of law school increases your chances of:

  • Employment opportunities — You will have the opportunity to interview for OCI’s — on-campus interviews. This opportunity is virtually only available to students who do well their first year of law school.
  • Law Review opportunities — You will be automatically admitted to law review in most schools if you do well your first year.
  • Clerkship opportunities — Federal clerkship opportunities are highly-competitive and look great on a resume. Grades go a long way in determining whether you are qualified for a federal clerkship.
  • Internship opportunities — If you want to intern at a big firm over the summer, high grades are a must! (These internship opportunities generally lead to full-time jobs after law school – so getting an internship at a big firm is a great way to get your foot in the door!)
  • Scholarship opportunities — If you want to decrease debt (and make your resume extra-impressive!)  high grades are a way to open up numerous scholarship opportunities! Students who do well sometimes receive full scholarships and oftentimes receive additional scholarship awards on the side.
  • Life opportunities — No matter what you want to do with your life after law school, a stellar GPA increases your chances of getting a job in any field you want.

We highly recommend that you consider law school tutoring if you want to open up as many of these doors as possible. We have tutored students from Wayne State University Law School, the University of Michigan Law School, Cornell Law School, New York Law School, Duke University School of Law, University of North Carolina School of Law, University of Detroit Mercy Law School, University of Georgia School of Law, Western Michigan University Cooley Law school, among several others.

MPRE: We also offer Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam tutoring as well as an MPRE course. Our MPRE outline is fantastic and our instruction is top-notch. We have helped many students (both first-time takers and repeat takers) pass the MPRE. We boast an amazing success rate for students who sign up for our MPRE courses and tutoring sessions. If you struggle with the MPRE, we recommend you reach out sooner rather than later!

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typing-690856_640Check out our blog posts specifically geared toward law students. We have several free, and invaluable tips!

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Are you about to begin law school?

businessman-1492563_640LSAT and Application Assistance: If you are in college and are looking for LSAT assistance, please check out our elite LSAT tutoring and application assistance options here.  We have top-notch LSAT tutors who have helped several students get admitted into top law schools, such as University of Michigan, Stanford Law School, University of Chicago Law School, among others. We have also helped several students receive full scholarships based on their LSAT scores.

Law School Prep Course:  If your goal is to do a stellar job in law school, sign up for our online law school preparatory course. In our law school preparatory course, we tell you exactly what you need to do to prepare for law school and graduate at the top of your class.

Additionally, if you struggle with legal writing, we recommend you sign up for our one-on-one legal writing tutoring program. We will teach you legal writing basics as well as research basics before you even start law school. (You will also receive a Lexis ID so you can learn to research prior to beginning law school.)

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