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lsat tutoringWant to excel on your law school exams?  Want to feel confident that you are studying the right way?  Sign up for our one-on-one law school exam prep sessions.

We will show you exactly what you need to be doing to prepare for your final exams. We tell you what you need to focus on – and what you should forget about. Furthermore, we reveal a time-tested strategy for answering exam questions and give you the opportunity to practice a series of exam questions. It can be useful to students at any time during their exam prep period, but the earlier you take it – the better off you will be.

Why We Created Law School Exam Prep Tutoring:

We have tutored several law students and we cannot help but notice that many law students report having little to no guidance at best, and at worst, bad guidance (“reread the cases!”) when it comes to relying on their law school professors or mentors.

I sometimes receive panicked e-mails from students who do not know if they are studying they right way. These students do not know when to begin outlining, they have no idea how to prepare for the crazy fact patterns that they will have to analyze on their final exams, and they do not generally know how to create a good law school exam study plan.

It’s not that these students aren’t smart (they are) or don’t work hard (they do); they simply have no idea what they should be doing in their study period or the weeks preceding study period to maximize their chance of excelling on law school exams.

Why not? Because no one tells them!

MBE tutoring, MPRE sample questionsAs a result, unfortunately, many law students learn by “trial and error.” They try a strategy their first semester, and it doesn’t work. Then they try a different strategy their second semester – and it is maybe a little bit better but the students are still not getting A’s. The problem with this strategy is that the students suffer two semesters of bad grades in their most important year of law school! This not only severely impairs the student’s ability to get a job the summer of their 1L year and after law school, it also makes it harder for them to pass the bar exam (the law you learn the first year of law school is most heavily-tested on the bar exam). (It also impairs the student’s ability to be on law review, to receive competitive clerkship opportunities, to apply for scholarships, and to apply for other sought-after internships.)

Instead of leaving students to figure out how to succeed on exams by trial-and-error, we offer law school exam prep tutoring options that reveal the same strategies that helped me to graduate as the #1 student out of over 200 students.

We will provide you with the guidance that many law students desperately crave and need. We tell you exactly what you should focus on, exactly what to do and not do, and how to make a good law school exam study schedule.  We help you do it right the first time around. 

typing-690856_640What exactly will the Law School Exam Prep Tutoring teach you?

What is the Cost?

The cost of a two-hour session is $250. For most students, these skills can be taught in two or three sessions. (If you desire more help, of course we will offer it!)

If you prefer to meet with a friend or a study group, email us! We offer discounted rates for pairs and study groups.

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Who teaches this course?

The course was designed by Ashley Heidemann, who graduated as the #1 law student in her class of over 200 people in her class of 2011. We have star law school tutors who teach this course.

When should I start?

The earlier the better! There is no need to wait until final exams to start law school exam prep. We have some students start it the first week of law school!

How do I sign up?

To set up a one-on-one session, please email us at or 248-228-5547. You can also use our contact form here. Thank you for your interest in our law school exam prep options!

How do I get free law school tips and tricks?

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