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law school tutoring

Ashley Heidemann, founder of JD Advising, graduated as the #1 student in her law school class of over 200 students. If you are looking for a law school tutor, contact JD Advising. Our tutors have graduated at the top of their class and have helped several students succeed in law school.

We offer both online and in-person one-on-one private tutoring for your law school classes. We will help you learn the skills that you need to succeed in law school. Specifically, we will show you the best way to outline and learn your outlines. We will also teach you a time-tested strategy for answering exam questions. We will help you to create an organized, manageable schedule so that you can get done everything that you should be doing each week.

Note that we also cover difficult, highly-tested areas of law together. We review the substantive law with you so that we are sure you understand it thoroughly. Lastly, we give you personalized feedback on practice exams so that by the time you take a law school exam, you will know exactly what is expected of you. Many students in the past have seen their GPA’s increase significantly after receiving our private one-on-one tutoring.

We highly recommend law school tutoring to first-year students.

A law school tutor can help you increase your grades significantly. Getting high grades your first year of law school increases your chances of:

  • Employment opportunities — You will have the opportunity to interview for on-campus interviews (OCI’s) or other competitive employment opportunities if you do well in law school (and, in particular, your first year!).
  • Law Review opportunities — You will be automatically admitted to law review in most schools if you do well your first year.
  • Clerkship opportunities — Federal clerkship opportunities are highly competitive and look great on a resume. Grades go a long way in determining whether you are qualified for a clerkship.
  • Internship opportunities — If you want to intern at a big firm over the summer, high grades are a must! Big firms virtually only hire students that perform very well in law school.
  • Scholarship opportunities — If you want to decrease debt (and make your resume extra-impressive!)  high grades are a great way to open up numerous scholarship opportunities!  Students can receive thousands of extra dollars each semester and receive offers for full tuition if they score high enough.
  • Life opportunities — No matter what you want to do with your life after law school, a stellar GPA increases your chances of getting a job in any field you want. High grades show that you are a hard worker, that you are smart, and that you understand the law. This is exactly the kind of thing that impresses employers.

We offer law school tutoring to students across the country.

typing-690856_1280We have tutored students at several additional schools across the country – from Michigan to Alaska, to Georgia, to Massachusetts! Below are just some of the law schools where we have tutored law students:

  • Cornell Law School
  • Duke University School of Law
  • University of Michigan Law School
  • New York Law School
  • University of North Carolina School of Law
  • Wayne State University Law School
  • University of Detroit Mercy Law School
  • University of Georgia School of Law
  • Western Michigan University Cooley Law School

We tutor for a wide variety of law school classes.

We have a team of dedicated, qualified law school tutors.

We offer flexible law school tutoring options.

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We offer all kinds of tutoring options so that we can tailor your sessions to what you are looking for. We can also help you figure out what you need to succeed. Our goal is to maximize the efficiency of each session and to tailor it so that it is as productive as possible for you.

Note if you want to go over law school exams or exam techniques, and it is the end of the semester, it is not too late to contact us! We have law students all over the country retain us for just one or two sessions with a law school tutor at the end of the semester to go over exams and study skills.

For more information on law school tutoring, or to book a law school tutor, please contact us at, by calling us at 248-228-5547, or using the contact form below. All communications are kept strictly confidential.

If you are looking for free additional law school study tips, please click here. If you have any other questions or are looking for any other resources, feel free to contact us! We look forward to hearing from you.

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