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Looking for LSAT tutoring? The LSAT (Law School Admissions Test) is a very important test. Your LSAT score can make the difference between you getting into the law school of your dreams – or you going to your “Plan B” school. Because it is such an important test, you want to maximize your chances of getting a high score on the LSAT the first time you take it!

We are an elite tutoring company that provides one-on-one private, personalized LSAT tutoring for students looking to improve their LSAT scores.   Our LSAT tutors are the best in the country.

  • We are experienced. Our LSAT tutors have all received high LSAT scores (including LSAT scores in the 99th percentile) and all have extensive prior tutoring experience. Further, many of them have been accepted into elite law schools (such as Harvard, and University of Michigan, among others).
  • We get results. Our LSAT students have been accepted by top law schools including Stanford Law School, University of Chicago Law School, Wayne State University Law School, and University of Michigan Law school, among others.
  • We have one goal – to help you.  Our tutors are patient and make it a priority to provide flexible tutoring options to work with your individual needs. We work with you one-on-one –  to help you improve your LSAT score and achieve your law school goals.
  • We teach you what you need to know. Our tutors teach you the essential strategies that you need to know to conquer every portion of the LSAT. We show you how to prepare for the LSAT in the most effective way possible. We help you to design a study schedule to ensure you are fully prepared when you take the LSAT. Further, we guide you to the best LSAT resources.
  • We teach you how to continue excelling in law school. Not only do we help students succeed on the LSAT, but we are also available to help you with your law school applications and personal statements. Further, as a bonus, we also give our LSAT students a discount as well as the first chance to sign up for our Law School Preparatory Course. When all is said and done, we want you to excel in law school too!

We offer tutoring both online and in person in the metro-Detroit area at our office located in Birmingham, Michigan. Working around your schedule is a priority of ours. We strive to meet your demands and provide exactly what you need. Our LSAT tutoring program is tailored to your individual needs.MBE DiagnosticLooking for LSAT Testimonials?

Here are some recent LSAT testimonials for our tutor, Nick:

When I first met with Nick, logic games were a total abstract thing to me. I did not know how to even start a simple linear logic game. Nick showed me how to do logic games from the start in the easiest most basic ways for me. It is important for a tutor to be patient and willing to help someone who has no previous knowledge on a subject. Nick never made me feel uncomfortable about my understanding of logic games even though I was below average at them. He was always willing to help me even through text messages when we did not meet. The experience I had with JD Advising was extremely helpful and I will continue to highly recommend Nick to all future LSAT applicants.

Nick was very knowledgeable about the material on the LSAT. He was dead honest with me about my profess and where he felt I was strong and weak. I think that Nick most of all helped me to not be nervous about the test because of the way he prepared me. He recommended that I start taking as much practice sections as I can so that on test day I would not be thrown off by timing. This helped my score immensely and I have Nick to thank for this tip.

I would absolutely recommend Nick to others and I actually already have. It helped me so much and I do not think I would have scored well on the LSAT without JD advising. I hope that the people I refer to JD Advising have the same pleasant experience that I did! – JD Advising LSAT Student

LSAT tutoring by JD Advising was extremely helpful. Nick and I discussed questions in detail and worked through them together when there were questions that tripped me up during timed sections. I found that Nick was really good at showing me how and why incorrect answers were incorrect. It sounds simple, but when you’re rushing through logical reasoning and you incorrectly interpret the meaning of a word or phrase, that can mean you pick the wrong answer. Nick’s help made it possible for me to see why the right answer was right and why the (incorrect) answers I chose happened to be incorrect.I was very comfortable and had fun during my sessions with Nick! I would recommend JD Advising to others! – JD Advising LSAT Student

Tutoring by JD Advising 100% helped me! Nick has the ability to illustrate how to solve a problem from multiple perspectives so if one particular explanation doesn’t achieve full understanding, he can find another way to be sure that the student fully comprehends the material. I would and I have recommended JD Advising to others! – JD Advising LSAT Student

Looking for Law School Application Assistance? 

The law school application process can be a daunting experience.  Between writing your personal statement and choosing your references, applicants often contact us to provide support during the process.  In order to get into your dream school, you want to have the best possible law school application.With so much experience in every phase of the law school process, we are the best suited company to help you attain your goals.

What do we offer?

  • Personal Statement Review.  Our expert admissions consultants develop and enhance your personal statement.
  • General Assistance.  We help with diversity statements, addenda, essay and resume review.
  • Transfer Application Assistance.  We help students who are interested in transferring to other schools.
  • Law School Matching.  We match students to prospective schools by completing a GPA/LSAT analysis, and tell you how to maximize getting into your dream school.

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To inquire about our services, please e-mail us at info@jdadvising.com or call us at 248-228-5547. You are also welcome to use the contact form here.  (All inquiries are kept completely confidential!)

Even if you are planning on taking the LSAT a year from now, please contact us sooner rather than later so that you can reserve your spot for one of our tutors. We can come up with a game plan so that you maximize your chances of excelling the first time you take the exam.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Want to Learn More about the LSAT and Law School Application Process?

The LSAT is composed of four multiple-choice sections and a writing sample. The multiple-choice portions contain two logical reasoning sections, one logic games section, and a reading comprehension section. It also has a “test” section which is unscored, but may potentially be used on future LSAT’s. The LSAT takes approximately four hours to complete.

The score range for the LSAT is from 120 to 180. Only the multiple-choice portions are factored into the score. The average LSAT score is around 150-151. To get into a top law school, a score in the high 160’s or 170’s is generally required. Your LSAT is worth about the same as your GPA in determining which law school you will be admitted to.

The LSAT is held four times a year (June, September or October, December, February) at various locations across the country.

If you are interested in learning more about the LSAT, we have several free and informative blog posts about the LSAT, LSAT study techniques, and what to do to put yourself in the best position to pass the LSAT the first time you take it. Some of these posts are listed below:

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