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Do you struggle with the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE)? Are you looking for one-on-one MBE tutoring or on-point MBE Strategies? Are you looking for a new approach? Many students struggle with the multiple-choice portion of the bar exam and do not know where to begin. They find they try to answer a lot of questions but never see their score improve.

All of our MBE strategies and materials were designed by Ashley Heidemann, founder of JD Advising, who received a top score of 180 on the MBE.

We offer a few options that have helped hundreds of students increase their MBE scores. They are listed below:


If you struggle with the MBE, private one-on-one tutoring may be exactly what you need. If you UBE Coursechoose private one-on-one MBE tutoring, you will receive

  • Outlines for the MBE subjects you review. We think you will find our outlines to be far superior to most commercial course outlines. If you wish to cover all seven MBE subjects, you will receive outlines for all seven subjects. You can also choose specific subjects to cover or just pay for one session to see if you find it helpful.
  • Two hours of one-on-one MBE instruction per subject. We focus on substantive law as well as strategy. We review the highly-tested topics with you as well as any questions you have. We also cover MBE strategies if you are looking to improve your approach to the MBE, this is a game-changer. If you wish to cover all seven subjects, you will receive 14 hours of private tutoring.
  • Essay assignments and grading if you are in a UBE state, Michigan, Florida, California, Illinois, among other states. (We do not provide this for all states!)

Read more about our private one-on-one MBE tutoring services here.


We offer an extremely valuable small group MBE course that covers the highly tested and most difficult areas of law. It also covers MBE strategies and skills that many commercial courses fail to teach students. This course comes with all of our MBE outlines, 28 hours of instruction, our MBE one-sheets, MBE guide, and MBE diagnostic and 800 released MBE questions. This course is geared toward bar exam repeat takers who are looking to improve their MBE score significantly. We have helped students increase their scores between 30 and 40 points on the MBE.  Find out more about our highly regarded MBE course here.


The MBE Strategies workshop is different from the MBE tutoring program in that it is only one three-hour small group session. The goal of this session is to teach you strategies to apply when you answer MBE questions. Instead of receiving substantive outlines, you will receive an MBE strategies booklet.

pass the bar examOur MBE Seminar was invented by Ashley Heidemann, the founder of JD Advising, LLC., who scored over 180 on the Michigan bar exam in 2011. She invented the workshop after helping several students improve their bar exam multiple-choice score significantly — by 20, 30, or more points.

The MBE Seminar  will be especially useful to you if you find that:

  • You answer several MBE practice questions but you never improve your score;
  • You “overthink” questions and choose the wrong answer choice (even when you know the right answer!);
  • You always seem to be “in between” two answer choices and pick the wrong one;
  • You struggle with timing and tend to frequently fall short on time when you practice;
  • You are not sure why you are answering MBE problems incorrectly and thus have trouble improving your score.

We have had several students from all over the country give us glowing reviews on our MBE Seminar and tell us how much it helped them improve their multiple-choice score. Read more about our MBE Seminar here.


MBE One-sheet, multistate bar exam one sheet, jd advising one sheet, constitutional law mbeLooking for a concise and manageable overview of the law you that will see tested on the Multistate Bar Exam? Our JD Advising MBE one-sheets are your solution. Our MBE one-sheets provide a memorable overview of the MBE law in just one 8.5 x 14 sheet (front and back) per page.

The MBE one-sheets contain the relevant laws that are tested on the multistate bar exam as well as colorful charts and diagrams. They also contain helpful tips for each MBE subject. When you order the MBE one-sheets, you will receive a high quality laminated hard copy of the one-sheets at your door. The MBE one-sheets can be purchased singly or in a set.

The MBE One-Sheets do all of the following:

    • Contain significant and overlooked tips that will give you an upper edge on the MBE
    • Serve as a great concise review of the multistate bar exam (MBE) material
    • Help visual learners get a bigger picture of the law.
    • Assist in active review of the most important MBE rules
    • Help you to structure and organize your study time by breaking down the MBE concepts in one convenient page
    • Provide a convenient study guide that is easy to carry around
    • Give you confidence walking into the MBE

Read more about our MBE one-sheets here.


Our MBE Guide is 90 pages long and can be purchased electronically or in a hard copy. Our MBE Guide is guaranteed to raise your MBE Score 7 points, or you can get your money back! It covers tricky and highly tested concepts in about 12 pages per subject.

We cover several areas that students do not understand or that commercial courses do not cover well, including:

  • mortgage priority
  • battle of the forms
  • the difference between party admission and statement against interest
  • “what is a wild animal and why do I always get trespasser questions wrong?”
  • default judgments
  • the dormant commerce clause
  • how the automobile exception differs from the search incident to arrest exception

These are just some of the many areas the MBE Guide covers.

Besides clearing up some otherwise frustrating areas of law, we strive to help you remember what you learned. We include charts and diagrams. We have practice problems and hypotheticals. We do this all in 12 pages per subject. Read more about our MBE Guide and see a sample of it on our MBE Guide page, here.


bar exam essay graderIf you struggle to pass the MBE, you may wonder what the problem is! Is it memorization? Comprehension? Application? Timing? Practice? Some combination of all of those?

JD Advising has designed an MBE diagnostic test that will provide you with the ability to determine what you need to do differently to pass the MBE.   JD Advising’s MBE Diagnostic Test is a test geared to uncover your strengths and your weaknesses.  The test focuses on three primary skills: comprehension, memorization, and application.  Once you take the test, we will provide you with a comprehensive analysis in-person (or over the phone). During that analysis, we will tell you which of the three skills you need to work on.  We will also answer any questions you have and help you come up with a schedule so that you can take the next step.

The MBE diagnostic does not focus on which subjects you struggle with. It focuses on what you need to do differently when you approach all subjects to pass the bar exam. Read more about our MBE Diagnostic here.


Looking for a great source of MBE questions? Here we have real MBE questions, including released Civil Procedure questions by the NCBE. These are an invaluable resource for those who are looking to truly gauge how well they are doing on the MBE.

Many students use commercial course questions, hoping that the questions will be similar in format and style to the ones on the real bar exam. However, many course questions are not close to the “real thing.” The best way to get a good grasp on the style, format, and difficulty of the MBE questions you will see on the actual MBE day is to practice questions promulgated by the National Conference of Bar Examiners’. These are the closest you will get to the real questions.

We have 100-question exams in hard copy or electronic format. We also offer Civil Procedure exam questions.


Looking for some free MBE tips to read in the meantime? Please check out our numerous blog posts on MBE Strategies. They show our general approach to multiple-choice questions. They are free to read, and students find them very helpful! They are a very good place to start!


Please review our testimonials here — as you can see, our MBE services have helped a lot of students excel on the multiple-choice portion of the bar exam.


Please feel free to contact us anytime by clicking here if you have any questions about our MBE services or any other services we provide. We respond promptly to all emails and inquiries.