MBE Strategies Tip #5 – Real Property

mbe strategiesMBE Strategies Blog Post Series:  Welcome to our MBE tips and tricks blog post series! This is Day Five of a 14-day series on MBE tips and we will be covering a Real Property MBE question. Many students find that Real Property MBE questions are among the hardest. You will see 25 Real Property MBE questions on the Multistate Bar Exam.

We will be posting a Multistate Bar Exam question once every couple days along with an answer. This is a 14-question series, so you will see two questions on each of the seven MBE subjects.

Note that these are MBE questions that students commonly get wrong. If you can master these 14 questions, it could increase your MBE score by that many points if you see any of these issues tested again (which, by the way, you will!). These posts of MBE tips and tricks will not only cover substantive law but also strategy. So each post will cover one highly-tested area of substantive law as well as an important MBE strategy.

Today, we will review a Real Property MBE question on future interests. We will also go over how to “study smart” when you study for the MBE portion of the bar exam by studying what is most commonly-tested.

Do your best to answer this question (before even looking at the answer choices and before looking at the answer below!) Ask yourself:  What is the subject? What is the legal issue? What is the rule and analysis? What is the conclusion? Try to answer these beginning questions before even reading the answer choices.

Then, you can uncover the Real Property MBE answer as well as read more about our MBE strategy of the day — to spend more time on the topics that are highly-tested.

We have 18 posts in our MBE series so far. If you would like to see MBE tip posts from prior days, please click on the links below:


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A sample of our Constitutional Law MBE one-sheet

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