MEE One-Sheets

scored low on the MEE, scored low on the multistate essay examOur MEE one-sheets are a MUST-HAVE if you are taking the Uniform Bar Exam, or any bar exam that contains the Multistate Essay Exam (MEE) as a component of its exam!

Purchase our Multistate Essay Exam one-sheets here! Please be sure to read the terms of use below — which state that you will not copy or share the MEE one sheets, and that you certify you are a person taking the bar exam rather than a tutor or someone who writes or teaches about the bar exam. Other terms are detailed below.

MEE One-Sheets
MEE One-Sheets
These "one-sheets" summarize how the NCBE tests each essay topic in one sheet (front and back) per subject. There are 14 "one-sheets" which will help you master the most highly-tested MEE material!
Price: $169.99

Wondering what our MEE One-Sheets are?

Our Multistate Essay Exam (MEE) one-sheets provide an invaluable last-minute review of our the highly-tested material on the Multistate Essay Exam. They are a great, concise tool for anyone taking the uniform bar exam!

 We make the one-sheets by going back to 1995 and reading every single Multistate Essay Exam from 1995 to the present date. Then, we compile the most highly-tested areas of law for each subject into one sheet (front and back). We note the “key principles” that you should remember for each subject. We also tell you the dates that each topic was tested.

Our MEE one-sheets are an extremely efficient way to approach the Multistate Essay Exam.

Our MEE One-Sheets are:

  • Focused. The MEE one-sheets don’t waste any time with material that is unlikely to be tested on the MEE portion of the Uniform Bar Exam. Rather, each one-sheet focuses on the most highly-tested areas of law on the MEE. We also tell you the dates that each topic was tested so you can see for yourself what is most highly-tested and what might be coming up.
  • Concise. The MEE one-sheets tell you the most highly-tested areas of the law in just one sheet — front and back. They serve as a great last-minute overview as well as a great guide on what to focus on when you study.
  • Predictive. The one-sheets tell you what the trends are in each subject. They also tell you when to discuss certain issues and what the conclusion tends to be when some issues are tested (i.e. every time the MEE has tested the slayer rule, it has not barred the gift  . . . ).
  • Updated. The one-sheets are updated to reflect the material tested in the July 2016 uniform bar exam.
  • Detailed. The MEE one-sheets tell you what to say in your answer when certain issues come up. They also contain mnemonics and creative ways to remember elements of the law.
  • Invaluable.  We meticulously read every single multistate essay exam from 1995 through the present date to compile a summary of the most highly-tested areas that you can review them in one page. We did the hard work so that you don’t have to.
  • Gold. Our one-sheets are a super-efficient and productive way to approach the MEE. They will give you a huge leg-up over others who are trying to focus on long outlines from commercial courses.

Get the upper hand.

Your biggest asset when you are studying for the bar exam is time. These MEE one-sheets will save you hours upon hours of time if you are in a uniform bar exam jurisdiction (or any jurisdiction that administers the MEE).  They will tell you how to focus your studying. They tell you what you need to know to walk into the MEE confidently!

Put yourself at a huge advantage on the MEE by purchasing our MEE one-sheets. Many students forget that the Multistate Essay Exam is worth the equivalent of 105 MBE questions! Capture as many points as possible and maximize your chances of passing the bar exam by mastering the highly-tested MEE material.

Want to see samples of our MEE One-Sheets?

Just click on the pictures below to see our Wills (Decedent’s Estates) one-sheet!

MEE one sheetsMEE one sheets








Commonly asked questions:

Does my Jurisdiction administer the MEE?

Any jurisdiction that administers the Uniform Bar Exam administers the Multistate Essay Exam as well. Here is a list of the jurisdictions that administer the Mulitstate Essay Exam portion of the bar exam:

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine (beginning July 2017), Massachusetts (beginning July 2018), Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, Wyoming, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, Virgin Islands

Do you cover all MEE subjects?

Yes, the MEE one-sheets cover each of the 14 MEE subjects–Civil Procedure, Real Property, Contracts & Sales, Evidence, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law & Procedure, Torts, Secured Transactions, Agency and Partnership, Corporations & LLC’s, Decedent’s Estates, Trusts and Future Interests, Conflicts of Law, and Family Law.

How much do the MEE One-sheets cost?

The MEE one-sheets are $169.99 which includes shipping and sales tax.

Do I receive a hard copy or electronic copy of the MEE one sheets?

You will receive a high-quality hard copy of the one-sheets at your door via priority mail. In many cases, you will receive them the day or two after ordering them.

Note: If you are ordering one-sheets from outside of the United States please email us at prior to doing so.

How do I purchase the one-sheets?

Read the terms below, the purchase them by clicking on the link. If you prefer to pay via check or some other method, email us at We are happy to accommodate you.

Who created the MEE one-sheets?

law school tutoringThe author of the one-sheets is Ashley Heidemann. She scored a 180 on the multistate bar exam and a 184 on the essay portion of Michigan’s bar exam in February 2011. She has mastered an efficient approach to bar exam preparation. Her bar exam course boasts a 100% passage rate.

Do you have testimonials for the MEE one-sheets?

Yes! See several testimonials below:

What are the terms of use for the MEE one-sheets?

They are below:

  • I certify that I am a person intending to take the multistate essay exam (MEE). I am not an employee or agent of another tutoring or bar review course, nor am I a member, employee, affiliate, or agent of any board of bar examiner’s.
  • I certify that I will not sell, share, copy, post photos of, or allow anyone — in person or online — to view or have these one-sheets in any form. I understand that they are the copyrighted work product of JD Advising, LLC. I agree not to sell said one-sheets on Amazon, eBay, on any other site, to any other institution, or privately.
  • I further agree that these one-sheets do not promise to cover everything — or anything — on a given MEE, and that there are no warranties as to the accuracy of the information presented herein.
  • I agree that an injunction is an appropriate remedy if I improperly share materials. I also agree to pay JD Advising, LLC $150 per person that I share the MEE outlines with or show the MEE outlines to.

Purchase the MEE One-sheets here: 

MEE One-Sheets
MEE One-Sheets
These "one-sheets" summarize how the NCBE tests each essay topic in one sheet (front and back) per subject. There are 14 "one-sheets" which will help you master the most highly-tested MEE material!
Price: $169.99

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