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MPRE cheat sheet, MPRE, Looking for an MPRE cheat sheet? We have a lovely three-page MPRE cheat sheet that gives you an overview of the highly-tested areas of MPRE law. Many students use this cheat sheet as either an overview before they dive into MPRE studying or as a last-minute review prior to taking the MPRE.

We recommend that you only use the MPRE cheat sheet as a resource. Please do not use it as a substitute for a full MPRE outline!

What does the MPRE cheat sheet cover? 

We cover all of the following areas of law and tell you how much each one is worth on the MPRE:

  • Regulation of the Legal Profession (6-12%)
  • The Lawyer-Client Relations (10-16%)
  • Client Confidentiality (6-12%)
  • Conflicts of Interest (12-18%)
  • Competence, Legal Malpractice, and other Civil Liability (6-12%)
  • Litigation and Other Forms of Advocacy (10-16%)
  • Transactions and Communications with Other Persons (2-8%)
  • Different Roles of a Lawyer (2-8%)
  • Safekeeping funds and other property (2-8%)
  • Communications about Legal Services (4-10%)
  • Lawyer’s Duties to the Public and Legal System (2-8%)
  • Judicial Conduct (2-8%)

Download a PDF version of the MPRE cheat sheet by clicking here: MPRE CHEAT SHEET

How do I use the MPRE cheat sheet?

As an overview: You can use it as an “overview” before you dive into MPRE review. (Some students like to see the bigger picture before diving into the nitty-gritty). You can also refer to it while you are studying a longer MPRE outline if it helps you to organize and consolidate the material.

As a last-minute review: You can also use it as a tool to review right before you take the MPRE. In reality, it is even better to create your own MPRE cheat sheet, but we know that not everyone has time!

How long is the MPRE cheat sheet?

It is three pages! We also include mnemonics which are highlighted in yellow.

Where can I download it?

Download a PDF version of the MPRE cheat sheet by clicking here: MPRE CHEAT SHEET

Can I share the MPRE cheat sheet?

Yes, but if you want to share it online, please link to this post!

Do you offer tutoring for the MPRE?

Yes, we offer MPRE tutoring if you are interested in working one-on-one with a tutor who can help you with multiple-choice strategies as well as substantive law. We meet some students for just one session to cover MPRE strategies. Other students we meet multiple times (between two and five times). We offer tutoring online and in person.

We have a 100% passage rate for our students who have met us for “full” MPRE tutoring (five sessions or more).

Do you offer any other MPRE resources?

Yes! If you are looking for free resources, you are in luck! For more MPRE tips and tricks, we highly recommend that you review all of our MPRE posts by clicking here. Some popular ones are:

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