Private tutoring for the Multistate Performance Test (MPT)

We offer in-depth private tutoring services to our  students looking for help on the MPT portion of the exam.

Students who really struggle require 3-5 two-hour private tutoring sessions on the MPT to see their scores improve substantially. We also cover all critical MPT tasks and assign graded feedback on MPTs as part of the cost of a private tutoring session if you choose 3-5 sessions. Each session is $400 and comes with graded feedback for two MPTs.

We give our students both direction and accountability Click here to find out more about our private tutoring options.

Multistate Performance Test (MPT) Seminar

big law firms pay for bar prepWe provide a Multistate Performance Test (MPT) Seminar that goes over the common types of MPT tasks–objective memoranda, persuasive briefs, letters, as well as “wild card tasks.” We tell you exactly how to approach each one and go through actual MPT’s together to teach you how to draft a fantastic MPT on test day.

MPT Feedback

brief cases in law school, law school exam prepWe provide detailed essay feedback–for both the MPT and the MEE. Our feedback doesn’t just tell you did wrong. Instead, we tell you how to approach the questions and improve your score.

In other words, we tell you how you can improve and give you real strategies toward this end. In addition to written feedback, you can also request a phone call with each round of essay grading to ask questions and to make sure that you understand the feedback.

MPT Books

Uniform Bar Exam HelpOur Multistate Performance Test (MPT) books are a must-have for any jurisdiction that includes the Multistate Performance Test as part of its bar exam!

Our MPT books combine all the essays from a particular subject in one volume! Within each book, the MPTs are arranged by the year the question appeared, followed by the official examiner’s analysis released by the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) and a model student answer All MPTs from 2000 to February 2017 are included.  You can read more here.