If you are going to law school, we have several options for you! We help students prepare from start to finish – pre-law, law school, and bar exam prep!


We offer one-on-one elite LSAT tutoring for students looking to maximize their score on the LSAT. The LSAT is such an important test since many law schools weight it the same as your undergraduate GPA. In other words, a 4-hour test will mean the same as 4 years of undergrad!

Thus, it is very important that you prepare well for the LSAT. Many students do not realize that scoring high on the LSAT can make the difference between getting into their dream school and settling for a “Plan B” law school. Further, many students do not realize that a high LSAT score can get them a scholarship to a law school of their choice. Thus, while you may pay for LSAT tutoring — you may get paid back ten times what you spend on a tutor if the tutor helps you achieve a high LSAT score!

If you are interested in learning more about our LSAT tutoring options, please click here.


We also offer personalized application assistance for those looking to apply to law school. We help you get your personal statement together as well as any optional statements (e.g. diversity statement, addendum, etc.) and your application. We do everything we can to make sure your law school application is as polished as possible so that your chances of getting into your dream law school are as high as possible. Please see this page for more information.


We offer a fantastic highly-regarded law school preparatory course. This course is designed by Ashley Heidemann, who graduated as the #1 student in her class of 2011 at Wayne State University Law School. This course teaches you exactly what she did to excel in law school.

Excelling in law school is important for several reasons. It can help you:

  • get a great job after law school
  • get a highly-regarded internship, job, or clerkship during the summer after your first year
  • get onto law review
  • get a scholarship
  • transfer to a better school (if that is your goal)
  • pass the bar exam the first time you take it
  • live the life you dream of living

Spots to this law school prep course are limited so early application is recommended. Read more about the law school prep course here.