Ready for the Bar Exam? Take our Bar Exam Quiz!

Ready for the bar exam? Take our bar exam quiz to find out!! Our bar exam quiz is short — only 7 questions long. But it tests whether or not you are able to articulate some of the most highly-tested areas of law. The point of a quiz like this is not to see if you truly understand and/or can apply the law. Rather the point is just to see how your memorization is!

If you struggle with memorization, then you will also struggle with application (because you won’t have enough law to apply!). So this quiz tells you whether you need to work on memorization these last two weeks before the bar exam.

Note: We have purposely chosen questions that are highly-tested on many state bar exams. These questions also correspond with subjects that we think could be coming up on the multistate essay exam (and written portion of the uniform bar exam).

Ready for the bar exam quiz?

You can download a word document of the Bar Exam Quiz here (and print it and write it out, which we recommend!) or you can jot down the answers on a piece of scrap paper. You can see the bar exam quiz questions below.

We recommend you actually write out your answers (rather than thinking about them) or you will not really be testing whether you are able to articulate the highly-tested areas of law! A lot of what the bar exam tests is whether you sound like a lawyer — that is, whether you can use legal terminology and whether you can articulate what you know!

You can also see a copy of the bar exam quiz below!

What do the bar exam quiz results mean?

  • 6+: If you get 6 or 7 out of 7 questions right, you are doing great! You are on track to pass. These last couple weeks, you should review, but focus on application rather than just memorization!
  • 5:  If you get 5 out of 7 questions right, you doing well!
  • 4: If you get 4 out of 7 questions right, you are average.
  • 3 or less: If you get 3 or less questions right, we recommend you work on memorization! (And if you are in a uniform bar exam state or any state that administers the multistate essay exam, we recommend you consider purchasing our MEE one-sheets here as you will be memorizing the most highly-tested areas of law! If you don’t have any more money to spend on the bar exam, then make it a habit to bullet point several past MEE questions so that you are exposed to the highly-tested issues!)

Remember, this is only a seven-question quiz, so you may have just had bad luck if you didn’t do as well as you thought. It doesn’t mean everything! But it does mean something. Are you looking to try your hand at a second bar exam quiz? Please see this post for Bar Exam Quiz #2!

Send me the answers!

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We have several other posts on recovering from failure and on how to conquer the next bar exam you take.  If you want to read more, please click on the links (on the bottom of the page if you are on your phone and on the side of the page if you are on a laptop) to see our other bar exam posts on specific bar exams or specific topics!

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