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How Do I Prepare for Second Semester of Law School?

How Do I  Prepare for Second Semester of Law School?

Many students email us right around now and ask us how to prepare for their second semester of law school over winter break. Some of them are very nervous about how finals went. Others realize that their study plans first semester were not ideal for succeeding on law school final exams and they want to make some serious changes. If you are wondering what to do over winter break to prepare for second semester of law school, here are some great steps to take.

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Our 7 Best Workflow Tips

7 best workflow tipsOur 7 Best Workflow tips: Nothing is more annoying than spending a day unmotivated, dragging your feet. Or realizing you have spent the past two hours on Facebook instead of getting anything done. Or, seeing half of your to-do list left for tomorrow. Here are our five best workflow tips to combat unproductivity and inefficiency.  Whether you are a law student, a lawyer, or something else entirely, we hope our seven best workflow tips can help you! Continue reading


How Many Hours a Day Should I Study for the Bar Exam?

michigan bar exam, civil procedure mbeHow Many Hours a Day Should I Study for the Bar Exam?

How many hours a day should I study for the bar exam? This is a tough question to answer. Generally speaking—you need to study a lot. However, there is more to consider when looking for an answer to this question, primarily if you are a first time or repeat taker. Continue reading


Should I take Breaks during Bar Prep?

writing-1170142_640Many of our students ask us, “Should I take breaks during bar prep?” And the answer is: Yes! One of the hardest things about the bar exam is managing your schedule. You cannot study 14 hours a day every day! Instead, we recommend that you incorporate breaks into your study schedule. In this post we will tell you why it is beneficial to take breaks during bar prep and how to incorporate breaks into your schedule. Continue reading


Four Tips for Planning a Post-Bar Exam Vacation

A picture from my current post-bar exam vacation to Puerto Rico.

A picture from my current post-bar exam vacation to Puerto Rico.

Looking to plan a stellar post-bar exam vacation? I highly recommend it! A post-bar exam vacation can help prevent burnout while you are studying for the exam (it will be a “reward” that will help you stay motivated to keep going until the end). It can also help keep stress to a minimum when the bar exam is over. You won’t have time to obsess over what the “right answers” were after the bar exam is over – you will be too busy getting ready to go on vacation. Lastly, it provides a nice transition. If you go right from taking the bar exam to working (or waiting for results/job searching), a short trip (or a longer one) will provide a well-deserved period of time to relax and regroup. After all, the bar exam is a huge mental and emotional task. A vacation can help you hit the reset button. Continue reading


Thoughts on Travel and Productivity

Travel and Productivity

Many people travel during labor day weekend or at some point during the year. Some feel relieved for a break. Others try to work as much as they can during the trip. There is a third category of individuals who do not feel relieved but also cannot , as a practical matter, work very much. These people generally report feeling “guilty” for “not being productive” during their trips.

This blog post is written for the second group of people (who choose not to take breaks) and the third group of people  (who feel guilty every time they travel). It also applies to any of us (including myself) who have trouble taking some time off to focus on something other than work.  Continue reading


How I took One Full Day off a Week in Law School – and Why I Recommend Scheduling Breaks

Schedule Breaks in Law School Are you wondering if you should schedule breaks in law school? Most competitive law students do not take time for  regularly-scheduled breaks.  This is not to say that they study 24/7 and never take any time off – they simply do not incorporate regular breaks into their schedules.

In law school, most of my friends were pretty competitive (like me) and because they wanted to succeed, they tried to work as many hours as they could seven days a week. Some even felt guilty any time they had a family function, outing, or illness that cut down on precious study time.

A few of my friends, however, made it a point to schedule some time off.  One took Saturday mornings  off. She would wake up late, take her time eating breakfast and drinking coffee, and not start studying until the afternoon.  Another took every Thursday night off to go out to eat with his parents an have a drink with friends. Continue reading