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How To Memorize Bar Exam Outlines!

conflicts of law on the mee

How To Memorize Bar Exam Outlines!

How To Memorize Bar Exam Outlines: Many students struggle with how to memorize bar exam outlines. There is SO much to do. And so little time! How do you conquer this monumental task?

You may feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to do this. And that is actually normal. Many students do not learn how to memorize until they study for the bar exam! So if you are just now learning how to memorize, you are not alone! Take it slowly and give the process a chance and you will find yourself retaining  lot of information.

The author of this post (Ashley Heidemann) received a 180 on the MBE. I studied a lot and of course did practice problems, but I found memorizing the details of the law was the biggest contributor to my overall score. After all, as anyone who has completed any multiple choice practice questions can tell you, the MBE tests the nuances and the details of the law.

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5 Important Bar Exam Study Plan Tools

michigan bar exam, civil procedure mbeDuring bar preparation, reviewing outlines and answering MBE questions can be tiresome and monotonous. Some students may be looking for certain tools that help promote active learning, and allow for retention and comprehension. In order to keep your mind sharp and things fresh, integrating different learning tools into your bar exam study plan is crucial. So, here are five tools to develop your own bar exam study plan.

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Should I Include Cases in my Law School Outline?

Mee one sheetsShould I Include Cases in My Law School Outline? For most first year courses, the majority of your assigned reading is cases. This poses an interesting issue for many first year law students who are trying to figure out what exactly should go into their outline. This is because you have a ton of cases to read. But then you go to class and barely talk about cases. Or, your professor says one or two things about each case but then delves into hypotheticals. Or, your professor talks about cases nonstop but the final exams don’t seem to have anything to do with your cases. Continue reading


Law School Outlines: When Should I Start my Law School Outlines?

july 2016 michigan bar exam resultsWhen Should I Start My Law School Outlines?

Many students ask us “when should I start my law school outlines?” To answer this question simply—sooner rather than later!

Most law schools started about two weeks ago, and so this is the perfect time to start the outlining process. Why start so early, you may ask? Well here is why: Continue reading


Law School Outline Tips and Template

Law School Outline Tips and Template: Law school has begun – you are meeting new people, taking new classes, and learning a different approach to studying. You’ve most likely been told to create an outline for each of your classes to help you synthesize everything you are learning. This can be a daunting task in the beginning. Below are some tips for creating a useful law school outline. We also have a law school outline template for you to review, pictured below.

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How to Learn Your Law School Outlines – 7 Tips

student-849828_640How to Learn Your Law School Outlines: So many students go into law school exams thinking they understand the materials or “have an idea” of most of the concepts. Some go in with a false sense of confidence if they have an “open book” exam (when in reality, you will not have time to consult your outline or materials very often during the exam!).

To score high on a law school exam, there are four steps: First you need to have good materials. (This is why you make your outlines early! For an in-depth guide to outlining, see this post.) Next, you need to understand those materials. (This happens through lecture or private tutoring or reading supplements to assist you.) Third, you have to memorize them. Lastly you have to apply what you know to a law school exam. Continue reading


How to Learn Your Bar Exam Outlines

student-849825_1920How to Learn Your Bar Exam Outlines   

Excelling on the bar exam has three parts: First you have to have good materials (that is, good lecture handouts or good outlines!), then you have to understand those materials (i.e. through attending lecture or private tutoring) and then lastly, you have to memorize those materials. It is not enough to be familiar with vague bar exam concepts, you have to know the details cold. The MBE – and many state essay exams – do not test fundamental concepts, they test details.   Continue reading


How to Write a Law School Outline Using Diagrams

diagram contracts outline how to write a law school outlineAre you a visual person? Do you prefer colors, pictures, and diagrams over black-and-white words? It might be worth it to try incorporating some diagrams into your law school outlines.

For example, contract formation can be broken down using words. This can help you memorize the elements of contract formation and become familiar with the words. However, you can put the same exact outline into picture format, as is pictured to the left.

Even if you are not a “visual” person, sometimes it helps to break things up and use a visual method to memorize a concept. This can be especially helpful with trickier concepts, for example, UCC 2-207. Most students struggle with UCC 2-207 quite a bit. If you put it into a picture format (as pictured below) it can really help you memorize it. Continue reading


Where Can I Find Law School Outlines?

Law_SchoolWhere can I find Law School Outlines?  Law school final exams are right around the corner. The best way to prepare for law school final exams is to learn the law then figure out how to apply it. (Download our free guide on how to excel on law school final exams here if you want an overview!)

We are huge proponents of the idea that the best law school outlines you can acquire are the ones you write yourself. Outlining will help you internalize, organize, and become familiar with the concepts in a way that simply looking at someone else’s outline will not.  (And, by the way, we have a stellar outlining guide here if you need some tips for how to start your outlines!)  Continue reading


How to Write a Law School Outline – An In-Depth Guide!

IMG_3150Writing your law school outlines (and starting early in the semester!) is one of the most important things you can do to maximize your chances of graduating at the top of your class. Many students struggle with outlining because they do not know where to begin!

Below is a step-by-step process on how to write a law school outline. To do so, you will need to gather your materials together − including your syllabus, your class notes, your casebook, and any supplements. We also recommend you have a cup of coffee in hand since outlining can be grueling!  Continue reading


For 1L’s: Free Law School Advice and Free Outline Review from the #1 Law Student!

Have you started your outlines already?Photo  Wondering if they are too long, too short, too case-oriented, or otherwise on the right track? Send one to us this week! From today through Sunday at 9:00 PM, we are happy to read your outline, tell you if you are on track, and answer any and all questions you have about law school – no strings attached.  Just email ashley@jdadvising.com.

In the past, students have sent us not only their outlines, but also their study schedules, questions about how to approach a legal writing assignment, and career questions. We can’t promise to know all the answers, but we do promise to help you as much as we can.

All outline-reviewing and law school advice-giving is done by Ashley Heidemann, an attorney who graduated #1 in her class of over 200 students in her class of 2011 and has been tutoring law students ever since.

If you decide to email us, we won’t add you to our newsletter or spam email you or tell you that you need tutoring. We will simply review your outline, answer your questions, press “SEND” to respond to your email, and leave you alone! We keep all questions, outlines, and inquiries 100 percent confidential. Continue reading


Pre-Law Tip for Success: When to start outlining in law school

Civil ProcedureBefore discussing when to start outlining in law school, let’s answer a more important question:

What is outlining?

Outlining is the process of condensing all of your class notes, cases, and everything you learn throughout the semester into something that is manageable and easy to learn.  In law school, you will be expected to make an outline for each of your substantive law classes (such as Contracts, Criminal Law, Torts, Civil Procedure). The only course you will not be expected to make an outline for is any Legal Research or Writing class you may have. (For an in-depth guide to outlining, see this post.)  Continue reading


Law School Prep Tip #9: Learn How to Make a Law School Outline

IMG_3150What is outlining? Outlining is the process of organizing and condensing all of the material that you learn over the semester into one single, manageable document that you are able to commit to memory. Outlining is an important skill to have in law school. You will be expected to make an outline for each of your core substantive law school courses.

Why outline? You will never have to hand in your outlines and you will not be graded on them. But they are invaluable tools to help you learn everything you need to know in law school. Furthermore, some of your professors may allow you to consult your outlines on your exams so it is nice to have them handy to refer to. Thus, it is important to make a law school outline for each of your law school courses.  We will explain how to make a law school outline in this post.  Continue reading