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Five Backpack Carrying Tips for Law Students

backpack carrying tips

Picture by the sacred bridge in Nikko, Japan.

I used to carry a huge backpack in law school. I carried all of my books, a bulky laptop computer, as well as snacks and supplies − all on my back − all day, every day. I did it in college too. And I still do it. Every time I travel, I carry a heavy backpack with me. In fact, even for the last week, I have been wandering around Italy (and now Santorini), carrying a lot of my clothes and books on my back. This inspired me to find some backpack carrying tips for law students and others like me, who carry everything on their back. Continue reading


Bar Exam Packing List

suitcaseAre you traveling somewhere for the bar exam? Wondering what to put on your bar exam packing list?

In this post, we talk about what many students put on their bar exam packing list.

You should always check with your jurisdiction to see what is permitted and what is prohibited. However, this is a nice general bar exam packing list to review prior to traveling to the bar exam to make sure that you do not forget anything important. (If we forgot anything, by the way, please email us or put any suggestions in the comments below!)

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