Wayne State University Law School will Work with JD Advising in 2017

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Wayne State University Law School Working with JD Advising in 2017

Wayne State University Law School has been working with JD Advising for the past few years. Ashley Heidemann from JD Advising has spoken at first-year law school orientation to over 100 students and faculty members for the last four years. And she has given numerous speeches to law students. Her speeches focused on how to succeed in law school, how to create law school outlines, how to answer law school exam questions, how to prepare for the Michigan bar exam in law school, things to be aware of prior to taking the Michigan bar exam, among other topics.

Wayne State University Law School will Work Even More Closely with JD Advising in 2017.

Further, JD Advising  also provided several bar-related speeches to Wayne State University Law School students. These included administering Michigan bar exam seminars on highly-tested essay subjects; compiling, administering and scoring mock essay exams; and also leading study group sessions for bar exam students. Wayne State University Law School also purchased several copies of JD Advising’s book, “How to Pass the Michigan Bar Exam” and sold them at a substantially reduced cost to graduating Wayne State University law students.

Further, Wayne State University has also “sponsored” students to take JD Advising’s essay course or full MBE/essay course by providing a stipend for each eligible student.

Wayne State University Law School will continue to work with JD Advising by offering a five-part program for both February 2017 Wayne State University Law School bar exam applicants and July 2017 Wayne State University Law School bar exam applicants.

The program includes:

  • A one-hour introductory speech on how to pass the Michigan bar exam by Ashley Heidemann. This speech focuses on what the Michigan bar exam is, how to pass it, and how to study for it in the most efficient way possible.
  • A three-hour MBE workshop, lead by Meagan Jabbori, which discusses MBE strategies. This workshop teaches an efficient way to approach MBE questions, and reveals a strategy that helps students improve through practice.
  • Two graded mock three-questions essay exams. These exams are composed of questions containing issues that are likely to come up on the upcoming Michigan bar exam. JD Advising, LLC designs, administers, and grades these questions within 24 hours of receipt. JD Advising provides detailed feedback to students so they can improve their scores prior to the actual bar exam.
  • Our highly-regarded three-hour Michigan bar exam seminar. We discuss our predictions of what will come up on the essay portion of the Michigan bar exam along with the highly-tested Michigan bar exam topics. This is led by Ashley Heidemann, who has consistently accurately noted the highly-tested topics and has predicted 1/3 to 1/2 of the topics tested on the Michigan bar exam essay portion.

Wayne State University Law School’s fantastic bar exam program has lead to a high bar exam passage rate. For the July 2016 Michigan bar exam, 81% of Wayne State University Law School students passed on the first try. This is 4% higher than the state average of 77%. Further,  Wayne State University Law School had an overall passage rate of 75%. This is 9 points higher than the state average of 66%.

Further, Wayne State University Law School was also recently ranked as one of the best schools in the nation for bar prep by the National Jurist. Of the 40 schools ranked, Wayne State University Law School is the only law school in Michigan on the list. This is likely due to the fact that Wayne State provides numerous high-quality supplemental resources, including those provided by JD Advising, LLC.

We are very excited for this opportunity to work closely, again, with Wayne State University Law School.

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Ashley Heidemann scored over a 180 on the Michigan Bar Exam in February of 2011. She offers 
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