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JD Advising, law school tutoringLooking for personal one-on-one instruction to help you pass the bar exam? 

If you are looking for a private bar exam tutor or other personalized instruction for the bar exam, please read below. You can also click here to read some testimonials from past students.  We have a fantastic passage rate — above 80% whether you are a first-time, second-time, third-time, fourth-time, fifth-time (or more) taker! We love our clients and will do anything we can to help them pass the bar exam!

The founder of JD Advising, Ashley Heidemann, received a score of 180 on the Multistate Bar Exam (and an overall score of 182 on the Michigan bar exam) after graduating as the #1 student in her class. She tutored for the bar exam for over five years and has also trained a staff of highly-qualified bar exam tutors.

Our team of tutors has passed several bar exams. We have tutored students taking the bar exam in New York, Michigan, California, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Alaska, Virginia, Maryland, North Dakota, Georgia, Washington DC, Washington State, Florida, among others.  Our team of bar exam tutors are all full time employees of JD Advising, and can meet you on your time, when it is convenient for you!

Below we list a few of the services that you may find especially helpful!

General Bar Exam Resources:

MBE Strategies One-on-One Private Session:

We offer private tutoring, including a private, one-on-one “MBE Strategies” course. This is a two-hour course where you will cover multiple-choice strategies, one on one, with a very qualified bar exam tutor. This two-hour private session is highly-regarded and has received glowing reviews from students who have signed up.  They say it is truly the one thing that has helped them increase their multiple-choice score after trying everything else.

We also offer private tutoring for all MBE subjects (and have stellar MBE outlines!). We further offer private tutoring for all MEE subjects and many state bar exams.

Private Tutoring for Students, Nationwide:

If you are looking for private tutoring generally, please see this page for private tutoring generally. We have offered private tutoring to students in New York, Michigan, California, New Jersey, Illinois, Massachusetts, Alaska, Virginia, Maryland, North Dakota, Georgia, Washington DC, Washington State, Florida, among several other states.  We can help you with the MBE, the MEE (multistate essay exam), and the MPT. (See more on this below!) We can also help you with many state-specific portions of the bar exam.

A private bar exam tutor will help you come up with a plan of attack to conquer the bar exam. The bar exam tutor can meet with you as often as once or twice a week or as little as once or twice total. We will help you come up with a plan that is right for you.

Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) Services:

If you are in a Uniform Bar Exam state, we have several services that may be a good fit for you:.

UBE Private Tutoring, Generally:

UBE Private tutoring: If you are interested in tutoring for the MPT, MEE, MBE or any portion of the bar exam, please check out our our  private tutoring options here.

We tutor for all portions of the UBE. We are a full-service course that also provides outlines for all portions of the UBE (that is, we provide outlines for the MBE, and MEE, as well as extensive feedback and instruction on the MPT).

Multistate Essay Exam (MEE) Services:

MEE Course: We have a fantastic online and in-person in-depth one-week MEE course (that shows you a fantastic and tailored approach to the MEE)! We also have the best MEE (and MBE outlines!) All of our students get our fantastic MEE outlines, which are specifically-tailored to the MEE, and by far the best MEE outlines available.

MEE Seminar: If you are interested in a half-day overview of the highly-tested MEE topics, join our MEE seminar. It provides a half-day overview of the highly tested MEE subjects. Read more by clicking the link.

MEE feedback:  We also offer essay feedback if you are interested in getting feedback on your essays (and/or MPTs!). We provide fantastic, individualized feedback which will tell you exactly what you need to do to improve your MEE score.

MEE One-sheets: We offer invaluable MEE one-sheets which detail the highly-tested areas of law on the MEE in one sheet, each. You can buy our Multistate Essay Exam one-sheets here! Please be sure to read the terms of use here, which state that you will not copy or share the MEE one sheets, and that you certify you are a person taking the bar exam rather than a tutor or someone who writes or teaches about the bar exam.

MEE One-Sheets
MEE One-Sheets
These "one-sheets" summarize how the NCBE tests each essay topic in one sheet (front and back) per subject. There are 14 "one-sheets" which will help you master the most highly-tested MEE material!
Price: $149.99

Multistate Performance Test (MPT) Services:

MPT Tutoring: We offer one-on-one MPT tutoring for students who are interested in maximizing their score on the MPT. The MPT is worth the equivalent of 70 multiple-choice questions so we highly recommend tutoring if you struggle with this part of the test.

MPT feedback:  We offer MPT essay feedback if you are interested in getting feedback on your MPT answers.  We provide fantastic, individualized feedback which will tell you exactly what you need to do to improve your MEE and MPT score.

If you fall into the trap of not taking the MPT that seriously (or working that hard to pass it), please read this post on why you should take the MPT seriously. It can substantially increase your chances of passing the bar exam!

Free Resources:

Free Resources: We have a ton of free blog posts on all portions of the Uniform Bar Exam. So check out these posts. They are packed with information — and best of all, they are free!

Michigan Bar Exam Services:

Michigan Bar Exam Course: 

We have two extremely popular Michigan bar exam courses — both of which fill up extremely quickly! Very early application is highly-recommended.

The first option is a full-service Michigan bar exam course, which consists of approximately 25 meetings, as well as private one-on-one sessions, and administered timed essay and MBE exams.  We had a 100% passage rate for this course for the February 2016 administration!

The second is an essay-only Michigan bar exam course which consists of approximately 7 sessions, including a timed essay exam. Our students receive extremely high scores on the essay portion of the Michigan bar exam.

Private Tutoring for the Michigan Bar Exam:

We offer private tutoring for the Michigan bar exam. Please see this page for more information on private tutoring.

Michigan Bar Exam Appeals:

If you were close to passing, you should consider appealing your Michigan bar exam essay score. We love writing Michigan bar exam appeals and have a high rate of success but only take on a very limited amount each administration.  For the July 2015 administration, we wrote half of the appeals that passed in the state of Michigan! If an appeal is something you are seriously planning on considering, we highly recommend you sign up right away to be on our list so that your spot is saved if you choose to use it!. You can read more about Michigan bar exam appeals here.

Michigan Bar Exam Seminar: 

We have a Michigan bar exam seminar that is held approximately two weeks before the bar exam and has received raving reviews. In it, we predict what will (and will not) be on the exam and we give an (approximate) 45-page outline to students to review.

Michigan Bar Exam Book: 

We have a book, How to Pass the Michigan Bar Exam, which contains our strategy for the bar exam, the July 2014 bar exam with model answers and student answers, as well as (our student’s favorites…) “one-sheets” – each essay topic summarized in one sheet!

You can purchase the book here. Please read the terms of use here prior to purchasing it.

How to Pass the Michigan Bar Exam Book
How to Pass the Michigan Bar Exam Book
This easy-to-read book contains all of the strategies and secrets for passing the Michigan bar exam. It also has useful "one-sheets" at the end of the book which summarize how the Board of Law Examiner's tests each essay topic in one page per topic!
Price: $150.00

If you are interested in any of the above options, please email us at to apply. (We recommend early application since our spots fill up quickly!).

About the Founder: Ashley Heidemann

  • Ashley was fortunate enough to graduate as the No. 1 student at WSU out of over 200 students in her class of 2011.
  • Ashley received a score of 182 on the Michigan Bar exam in  February 2011 (which is in the top percentile and may be the highest score). She received a 180 on the MBE portion and a 184 on the essay portion.
  • Ashley served as a private bar exam tutor and course instructor for the past ten bar exam administrations and has a very high bar exam passage rate. Many of  our first time takers pass with very high scores and many of our repeat takers see their scores increase significantly – some time as much as 15-30 points.
  • We have very good feedback from our students. To read some testimonials, please click here.
  • Further, we recently published a book of MEE one-sheets (for those taking the Uniform Bar Exam) and a book called How to Pass the Michigan Bar Exam. Our books have received very high reviews and ratings. We  also frequently publish articles on our blog as well as national publications such as the National Jurist.
  • Our firm, the Heidemann Law Firm, wrote half of the passing appeals in the state of Michigan for the last bar exam. We love helping students pass the bar exam on appeal!
  • Lastly, we love the bar exam. The bar exam is our passion and we do anything we can to help our students pass!

We have a team of very qualified tutors that work for JD Advising LLC!

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