Private Tutoring for the Michigan Bar Exam

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Ashley Heidemann is a bar exam course instructor in Birmingham, Michigan. She went to  Wayne State University Law School where she graduated as the #1 law student out of over 200 students in her class of 2011. She received a top score of 182 on the February 2011 Michigan bar exam. Ever since then, she have been passionately learning everything she can about the bar exam, tutoring for the bar exam, teaching courses on it, writing articles on it for national publications, and writing a book on how to pass the Michigan bar exam.

She also founded and owns the company, JD Advising, LLC, which offers, among other services, one-on-one private tutoring for the Michigan bar exam and for bar exams nationwide.

We specialize in the Michigan bar exam and UBE bar exams, but we also offer tutoring for a wide variety of other states (and have tutored for students in New York, New Jersey, California, Alaska, Massachusetts, among many others!) See below for more information on our private tutoring options.

We tutor a wide variety of students — some only want to meet once or twice to make sure they understand the key principles of law, whereas others want to meet multiple times a weekend use us as their sole source of bar exam preparation. Additionally, we are very experienced in tutoring students with learning disabilities – such as ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, among others. We help students overcome any special challenges that they face so that they can pass the bar exam.

Private Tutoring for the Michigan Bar Exam:

During your bar exam preparation, one of our tutors will work with you one-on-one to make sure that you are as prepared as possible for the bar exam. First, we devise an individualized study plan and schedule that is tailored to your strengths and weaknesses. The study schedule ensures that we cover all of the highly-tested areas of law together and that you review them a sufficient number of times on your own. We also make weekly “to do” lists for you so that you know what you should be doing each week to maximize your chances for success. This helps students feel more relaxed and less stressed out as they know what they have to do every single week to pass the bar exam. They also have somebody to hold them accountable. 

Additionally, we show you strategies for answering multiple choice questions. These strategies reveal how to dissect multiple choice questions and think like a grader so that you do not fall into MBE traps. Many of my students see their MBE scores raise dramatically (sometimes 20 or 30 points!) after retaining our services. Lastly, we will cover all of the highly-tested essay topics together during our bar exam tutoring sessions. We provide weekly feedback on essays, as well as grading and feedback on essay exams.

We provide all of our own MBE and Michigan outlines which are specifically-tailored to the Michigan bar exam. Our outlines highlight the highly and most-frequently tested areas of law so that you focus on what is tested on the Michigan bar exam.  We also give you essay books that contain essays from 1995-2016 (with updated law). Further, we distribute released MBE questions to our students.

Some students need to meet once a week or more. Others only need to meet once or twice total for, say, tips on how to improve their essay scores or to brush up some legal areas that they do not understand. We are happy to arrange specific, focused sessions for you for that purpose.

Students are booked on a first-come, first-served basis. We only take a very limited number of students for each bar examination and slots fill up fast. To reserve your spot or for more information on private tutoring, please contact us as soon as possible. You can contact us by e-mailing us at or calling us at 248-228-5547. You can also contact us by using the contact form on our website.   

Michigan Private Tutoring Options:

Here are a few private tutoring options that students opt for:

Option 1: The first option is a “full service” bar exam review course where you and a tutor would cover all of the major, highly-tested topics together one-on-one. This would require approximately 18-20 meetings (usually 1-2 two-hour meetings per week).  We create an individualized study plan for you as well as a weekly schedule and list of things to do. We will provide you with many of our own handouts and materials, read and grade practice essays that you write, and answer any and all questions you have via e-mail, telephone, etc. This would cost $7,200 – $8,500 but can be more depending on how much assistance you require.

We recommend this for students who have failed the bar exam in the past and have a lot of points to make up. We also recommend this to students who have obligations such as working full time or full-time familial obligations. Lastly, we recommend this to students who have the money to commit to bar preparation and want to ensure they do everything they can to never take the bar exam again! Only a very limited number of students are accepted for this full service private tutoring course.

Option 2: Tutoring for all MBE subjects. Many students sign up for tutoring for the MBE subjects. The basic tutoring package includes 14 hours of tutoring (7 two-hour sessions), all MBE outlines, and essay grading for all MBE subjects. It is $2800. It also includes Michigan distinctions for these MBE subjects. Many students combine this with the Michigan Bar Exam Essay Course (mentioned below).

Option 3: “A la Carte”The other option is primarily for first time takers or for bar exam retakers who only failed their first bar exam by a few points. This would entail meeting with a tutor on occasion (you choose the number of sessions) and discussing specific areas that you want to cover.

Our most popular two-hour sessions are as follows:

  • We have students nationwide who retain us specifically for two hour sessions to review MBE strategies. Students find our MBE strategies session enormously helpful.
  • We also have several Michigan students each administration who retain us to review MBE topics they have difficulty with. For example, if they struggle with, say, Real Property, we will mail the student my Real Property outline ahead of our meeting, then we will go over the areas they struggle with for two hours in one or two sessions.
  • Many students hire us to cover Michigan topics that commercial courses do a poorer job of covering (Workers’ Compensation, Domestic Relations, Secured Transactions, Personal Property, Trusts/Wills). These are not necessarily all extremely difficult topics, but you have a huge advantage by learning the law that the Michigan Board of Law Examiner’s consistently tests. We make all of our outlines for the essay subjects from the model answers so that you literally have everything that has been tested in the past 25 years organized into an outline!

If you opt for this “a la carte” service, we will meet with you as many times or as few times as you want. We will still provide you with any handouts and materials I create for the topics we go over. We will still read any and all essays you send me to grade for the subjects we discuss and we still consider ourselves “on call” if you have any questions about the subjects we discuss. The main difference between this and the “full” service private tutoring is that we will not be keeping track of what you are doing each week or e-mailing you a weekly calendar. And you do not have any obligation to meet with us each week.  Note that in either case, we keep our tutoring schedules very flexible and offer tutoring during the day on weekdays, weekends, and at night.

Also note that we usually meet students for two-hour sessions at a time. We charge $400 per session–which comes with an outline for the subject, two hours of private tutoring, and essay feedback. Note that we only charge you for the time we meet together – so there are no surprises! We expect to spend a lot of “outside time” (creating your individualized study plan if necessary, reviewing essays that you have practiced writing, answering questions via e-mail or telephone, etc). We do not charge for these services.  Nor do we charge anything for any supplements/handouts that we will be giving to you.

Note: As part of an agreement for using our services, since out outlines and work product are superior to most courses, we ask that you agree to return the outlines and materials (via a prepaid envelope that we will ship you). If you pass the exam, we will simply destroy the materials. If you fail, we send them right back no questions asked. We do this solely to protect our work product.

Note that besides private tutoring we offer the following resources to help students pass the Michigan bar exam:

  • An elite Michigan Bar Exam Course that covers virtually every area of law tested on both the essay portion and MBE portion of the Michigan bar exam. We recommend early application to the course as we try to keep it very small.
  • Michigan bar exam seminar that provides an overview of the Michigan distinctions for multistate subjects as well as the highly-tested areas of Michigan law. This seminar is competitive to get into and we recommend early sign-up.
  • Book on How to Pass the Michigan Bar Exam. This is a book that is one-of-its-kind in helping students prepare for the Michigan bar exam.

Our course, seminar, and private tutoring slots fill up very quickly. We recommend you apply early if you are looking for supplemental instruction.

Please contact us at or 248-228-5547 if you are interested in our services!