Which LSAT PrepTests are Best?

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Which LSAT PrepTests are Best?

In the course of studying, many students wonder how many LSAT PrepTests they should review. Later this week, Preptest 80 from the December 2016 will be released. So, most students will have access to dozens of previous exams. For many, that’s more than they could ever hope to work through. So, which LSAT PrepTests are best for preparing for your administration? We’ll break it down by section!

Which LSAT PrepTests are Best?

1. Logical Reasoning

The Logical Reasoning section of the LSAT has not changed much over the years. Generally, I would advise to review newer sections whenever possible, simply because they are more likely to be similar to current iterations of the test. LSAC has bound LSAT books for sale. I would purchase the set that contains LSAT PrepTests 52-61, and the set that contains 62-71. You can also purchase individual LSATs (72-80) purchased after that. All of these will help you be prepared for the Logical Reasoning sections of your LSAT.

2. Analytical Reasoning (Logic Games)

We’ve touched on this before, but focusing on newer LSAT logic games will definitely benefit you on test day. This portion of the LSAT has changed over the last ten years. Some types of games, like sequencing and pure conditional grouping games, have gradually been phased out in favor of hybrid and transpositional games. While you should be prepared for any type of game LSAC can devise, a good study strategy is to focus on games that are almost assuredly going to be tested: linear, advanced linear, unbalanced grouping and hybrid games.

LSAC commonly tests linear and advanced linear games, so feel free to go all the way back to the aforementioned LSAT PrepTests 52-71 for practice. Unbalanced grouping and hybrid games (combining linear and grouping concepts) are more recent. Although it is more expensive, I would purchase newer, single LSATs to practice with. Chances are these games will appear on your test!

3. Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension added a Comparative Reading section about 10 years ago. While the longer passages haven’t changed much, you do need to be prepared for Comparative Reading. Every LSAT now includes one of these selections. Again, PrepTests 52-71, as well as the single LSAT PrepTests available for purchase, are your best bets for preparing for this section

As you see, it’s generally best to stick to tests administered in the last 10 or so years. If you run out of material before your administration, there’s no harm in taking older PrepTests. If you are in a crunch for time, focus on newer LSAT PrepTests to make sure you are ready for your administration!

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