LSAT Tips for Procrastinators

 LSAT Tips for Procrastinators

It happens to everyone: you keep meaning to study, and you just never get around to it. Things pop up in your life: work, relationships, family issues. And for you, it happened before the LSAT! While it’s ideal to be as prepared as possible to take the test, we do have some LSAT tips for procrastinators below! They are applicable to those who have studied, or haven’t studied enough!

LSAT Tips for Procrastinators

1. Focus on Logical Reasoning!

If you have a limited amount of time to studied for the LSAT, you need to use it efficiently. The Logical Reasoning sections are worth 51 points out of the 101 points available. So if you did not study at all, or did not review as much as you would have liked, these questions are the ones to focus on. Although you cannot write off the other sections, you can really boost your overall score easily by doing well on these.

2. Do not stress out over the Logic Games.

We’ve touched on this issue before, but it’s worth repeating. The Logic Games section has less than 25% of the points available. This not to say you shouldn’t study them. However if you are short on time, do not get too caught up in how much you don’t know from this section. Compartmentalize, learn what you can take away quickly, and move on. Some of the Logic Games questions are fairly routine, and can be answered quickly. Questions that ask you about an acceptable order (typically the first in a question set) can be mastered quickly.

3. Make sure to time yourself during your preparation.

Timing is a crucial part of doing well on the LSAT. If you are preparing in a short amount of time, you really need to make sure you have it nailed down. Many aspects of the LSAT are common to everyday life, like evaluating arguments and reading a passage to glean information from it. The key difference on test day is that you will be asked to do these in a very limited amount of time. Make sure to time yourself during your prep so you see all the questions on test day. You cannot answer a question correctly if you never see it!

4. Take at least one full, timed LSAT.

Just like you wouldn’t want to run a marathon without having run a distance over 10 miles before, you do not want to take the LSAT without having taken a complete test before your administration. Mental fatigue and timing are huge issues for many LSAT takers. The only way to really build up your endurance is to practice taking full sections, and then full tests. Even if you can only do this once or twice before test day, make it a priority!

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