Month Before LSAT Advice

MBE DiagnosticMonth Before LSAT Advice

The February 2017 LSAT is less than a month away! To make your administration as smooth as possible, we have a few pointers to make sure you are ready for the test. Read below to see our month before LSAT advice!

Month Before LSAT Advice

1. Start taking full LSATs (if you haven’t yet done so).

If you read our blogs frequently, this point will come as no shock. Taking full, timed LSATs is a crucial part of being fully prepared for the test! A month beforehand is a perfect time to start taking regular, timed LSATs to see where you are in your preparation. Make time to take at least one full LSAT each week leading up to the test. This is not an excuse to discontinue your normal LSAT prep. Work taking a full LSAT into your routine. If you need help developing an LSAT schedule, check out this post!

2. Change your test date if you are not ready.

This is never advice we like giving students, but if you are not prepared for the LSAT, consider changing your test date. There is a fee to do so, but it is much better to change your test date than to cancel a score because you weren’t prepared. Not only will changing your test date not use one of your three chances to take the LSAT in a two year period, but it will also allow you to more fully prepare for the test. True, it might delay your application to law school. A bad score, however, will do the same thing!

3. Reach out for help if you need fine-tuning.

If you struggle with just a portion of the LSAT, a month is plenty of time to make some strides. Many students are willing to cede points on the LSAT because they struggle with a particular section. If you consistently get half or more questions in one particular section wrong, reach out for help! You do not want to go into the LSAT giving roughly 10-15% of the possible points away. A tutor can help identify weaknesses in your approach. Many times, small tweaks in your approach can yield big dividends. We have tips on how to improve your logic games, logical reasoning, and reading comprehension scores!

4. Check your account to wrap up any loose ends.

We’ve touched on the things to do a week before the LSAT in a previous post. This advice is in the same vein. We have two pieces of advice. First, if you have to travel to the LSAT and want to get a hotel room the night before, a month beforehand is a good time to make reservations. It is also a great time to confirm your I.D. falls within LSAC’s guidelines. Second, if you need to get a new driver’s license or other I.D. card to get into the test, a month should give you time to do so.

This post was written by our LSAT tutor, Nick. Nick  scored high on the LSAT and enjoys helping students achieve their dream scores and get into their dream schools!  If you are looking for any other LSAT advice, LSAT timing tips, or LSAT tutoring, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you!

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