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How Do I Prepare for Second Semester of Law School?

How Do I  Prepare for Second Semester of Law School?

Many students email us right around now and ask us how to prepare for their second semester of law school over winter break. Some of them are very nervous about how finals went. Others realize that their study plans first semester were not ideal for succeeding on law school final exams and they want to make some serious changes. If you are wondering what to do over winter break to prepare for second semester of law school, here are some great steps to take.

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Our 7 Best Workflow Tips

7 best workflow tipsOur 7 Best Workflow tips: Nothing is more annoying than spending a day unmotivated, dragging your feet. Or realizing you have spent the past two hours on Facebook instead of getting anything done. Or, seeing half of your to-do list left for tomorrow. Here are our five best workflow tips to combat unproductivity and inefficiency.  Whether you are a law student, a lawyer, or something else entirely, we hope our seven best workflow tips can help you! Continue reading

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5 Important Bar Exam Study Plan Tools

michigan bar exam, civil procedure mbeDuring bar preparation, reviewing outlines and answering MBE questions can be tiresome and monotonous. Some students may be looking for certain tools that help promote active learning, and allow for retention and comprehension. In order to keep your mind sharp and things fresh, integrating different learning tools into your bar exam study plan is crucial. So, here are five tools to develop your own bar exam study plan.

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Figure Out Your Law School Goals: Make a Law School Bucket List

law school bucket listWhen I went to law school my only goal was to graduate at the top of my class. I figured if I graduated as the #1 student in my class, I would have the maximum number of opportunities available to me. (Ironically, I was never interested with most of the opportunities that come with graduating at the top of your class—i.e. working at a big law firm. I didn’t even want to practice law after law school!).

I don’t regret making that a goal because I did find to be very worthwhile to achieve the top class ranking. (And to teach others how to follow suit, I developed this law school prep course that teaches students skills to graduate at the top of their class.)  However, there are plenty of other worthy law school goals to think about as you get ready for law school. We recommend you compile them into a law school bucket list—a list of things you may want to do when you are in law school. Continue reading

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Law School Classes that Will Prepare You For the Bar Exam: What to Take and What Not to Take!

Should I go to law school if I do not want to practice law?NOTE: If you are taking the Michigan bar exam, click here for a super-detailed post on the law school classes that will prepare you for the bar exam in Michigan. If you are not taking the Michigan bar exam , keep reading!

If you are signing up for your 2L or 3L classes, you may be wondering what law school classes will prepare you for the bar exam. It is wise to take classes that will prepare you for the bar exam as it maximizes your chances of passing the bar exam the first time you take it.

Our advice is as follows: first, try to take any law school class that will prepare you for the MBE − that is, the “multistate bar exam”, or multiple choice portion of the bar exam. Many of these are related to your 1L classes. (Consequently, studying for the MBE will also likely help you on the essay portion of the bar exam, since many times the subjects are double-tested on the MBE and the essay portion.)  Continue reading

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Top Ten Tips for How To Get a Job after Law School

Ashley HeidemannMany law students and graduated law students struggle to find a job after law school. It is no secret that the legal job market is at an all-time low. Law students and new lawyers compete for the few jobs that have openings. If you find yourself to be one of many unemployed law students or lawyers in this competitive job market, below are some tips on how to get a job after law school.  Before you read the list of ideas about how to get a job after law school, keep these  few tips in mind:

First, remember that whatever job you do now does not have to be the job you do for the rest of your life. You can find something that works now and keep your eye on other options. Be open-minded, especially when you are just starting your search!

Second, be strategic in which options you run with. Remember that you do not have to go down the list and try all of these job strategies at once. Pick a few, and if those don’t work, come back and pick some more options!

Lastly, it is a good idea to brainstorm while you are reading this list. See if any ideas come to you. Are there any people you should reach out to? Do you know deep down that you have to clean up your resume? Write down a few things to do this week, and then do them!

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Last Minute Bar Exam Tips!

The bar exam is just around the corner! Here are some last-minute bar exam tips to help you. We’ve divided them up into last-minute essay tips, last-minute tips for the multiple choice section, and general tips.

Last Minute Bar ExHourglass photo am Tips for Essays: 

Here are some last-minute tips for getting the most points on the essay portion of the bar exam:

  • Spell it out for the grader. For example, on a Criminal Procedure question, don’t just say: “it was an impermissible search of the defendant’s car.” Instead, start by talking about the Fourth Amendment. Then talk about how it applies to searches by a government agent. Then talk about the search at hand as well as any exceptions. Doing this will help you with the next point . . .
  • Write long essay answers. You cannot get points for something that is not there. Write complete answers that state the rules, apply them to the facts, and conclude. If you write a half-page answer do not expect full points.
  • Use paragraph breaks and headings. Make it easy for the grader to see that you know what you are talking about. Do not write one huge long paragraph. No grader will want to filter through. Instead, make it easy for the grader to give you points.
  • Underline and bold key words. Graders want it to be easy to find the rule statements, analysis, and conclusion. Bold or underline anything you know is correct. (If you are not sure you are correct, though, don’t bold anything!) This will draw attention to what you know.
  • When you are done writing your essays, review the fact pattern again. It is a good idea to always look back to the fact pattern and ask yourself: “Are there any arguments the parties made that I did not address?” and “Are there any important facts in the fact pattern that I did not address?” If a party makes an argument that you did not address, address it! If there is, say, an entire paragraph that you said nothing about, go back and say something about it! This can get you a lot of points!

Multiple Choice:

Here are last-minute multiple choice tips for picking the right answer:

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What to Do the Week Before the Bar Exam (And What NOT to do…)

Ashley HeidemannThis is the final week of studying for the bar exam!  Your priorities this week should be reviewing (and memorizing the law you do not yet know), taking some timed exams, and also physically and mentally preparing for the bar exam in another week.

Below we suggest some things you should do the week before the bar exam – we also have some suggestions for what you should not do the week before the bar exam! We hope that these checklists help you maximize the use of your time this final week of bar exam preparation.  Continue reading

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Law School Final Exam Day Checklist

law school final examOn the morning of your final exam, there are a few things you should do. Here is a law school final exam day checklist of things to consider doing the morning of your final exam. 

1. Eat a healthy breakfast. Include some carbs, some protein, and some caffeine (if you are used to it…but don’t overdo it!)

2. Read some news articles or do  something to get your brain working, but not anything that is too intense. (Some people do crossword puzzles or sudoku!)  Continue reading

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How to Write a Law School Personal Statement

study-1231396_640There are certain ways to write a law school personal statement that will increase your chances of getting into the law school. Below, we discuss what to do, what not to do, as well as other points to consider when you write your personal statement.  We will also discuss appropriate topics to discuss, the appropriate tone to use, as well as some common mistakes that you can avoid making.

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Bar Exam Checklist – It's February!!

write-593333_640The February 2014 bar exam is rapidly approaching. Here is a list of things you should make sure that you do in February before you take the bar exam.

February Bar Exam Checklist: 

  • Complete at least one full “essay day” where you simulate exam conditions as closely as you can.  If possible, do a half-day of essays at least once early on in February and then a full day of essays closer to the bar exam. This will help you build up your stamina. It will also alert you to any changes you need to make before the bar exam – for example, if the pens you are using to write your essays are awful or if you just can’t get used to the keyboard on your laptop, at least you will find out sooner rather than later. For more tips on how to improve your bar exam essay score, click here.  Continue reading
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Which Law School Classes Should I Take to Prepare for the Michigan Bar Exam?

Should I go to law school if I do not want to practice law?Have you been thinking about which classes you want to take your remaining semesters of law school? Do you want your classes to have the added bonus of preparing you for the Michigan bar exam?

If you are taking the Michigan Bar Exam and you want your classes to double as a good source of bar exam preparation, you might wonder which classes are worth your time and which classes are not. We will explain which classes will be the most helpful to you  – and why – in this blog post.

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