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Overcoming Law School Test Anxiety and Bar Exam Anxiety —A New Tip that May Surprise You

bar exam anxietyOvercoming Law School Test Anxiety and Bar Exam Anxiety — A New Tip that May Surprise You. 

Whether you are taking the LSAT, law school final exams, or the bar exam, you may feel test anxiety. Some students feel debilitated by anxiety and panic, miss questions, and fail because of their anxiety or get a lower score than they otherwise would. Continue reading


Public Speaking Tips for Law Students and Lawyers

PHOTO 001Law students and lawyers are frequently expected to speak in public. It is a skill that law students are forced to develop early on in law school – whether they want to or not.

Law students are “called on” in class and are required to answer questions about the cases they are assigned to read. They are usually expected to present arguments or motions during their 1L year to professors or judges. Many law students also participate in moot court where they have to argue publicly even more. Thus, throughout law school, law students will be expected to speak in front of their classmates, their professors, and – many times – even real judges.

Many lawyers continue to hone the skill of public speaking throughout their careers.   Litigators frequently have motions to argue and depositions to take. Some give presentations about hot topics in their field of law. Others become law professors, judges, or politicians – all who frequently interact with and speak to the public.  Continue reading